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Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing? Try Our SMS App!

September 20, 2018

Telesign Team
MSFT Dynamics 265

According to trend watchers, the big message for business marketers in 2018 is: go mobile or go home. This is driven by the fact that consumers want to be reached through their preferred communications channel – their mobile phones.  As a result, more businesses are interested in connecting with their customers through SMS marketing and Telesign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing are making it easy to get started.

Send SMS Messages Directly From Dynamics 365 For Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing-automation application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. Businesses design interactive customer journeys to nurture leads with personalized experiences through various channels, which now include SMS through the new Telesign SMS App. Dynamics 365 for Marketing users can now deliver personalized information (promotional marketing campaigns, event invites and reminders, coupons and so much more) to their customers via SMS directly from their account using the drag-and-drop customer journey designer.

Tapping into Telesign’s communications network—which spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes–ensures SMS messages are instantly delivered to their intended recipients around the world.

How to Get Started

If you’re already a Dynamics 365 for Marketing user, simply go the Microsoft AppSource to download the Telesign SMS App. Follow the installation and registration video instructions to set up your Telesign account and start sending SMS messages today directly from Dynamics 365 for Marketing instance.

DOWNLOAD For those not already using Dynamics 365 for Marketing, signing up is easy through your existing Microsoft account. Just enable your free trial to get started. From there, Telesign SMS is just a few clicks away!

Learn more about Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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