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Helping developers remove the complexities of authentication 

Building and maintaining customer authentication workflows can be a large resource burden for development teams in mobile application companies. With the proliferation of mobile applications and the ever-increasing expectations for seamless customer experiences, the pressure on development teams to deliver robust authentication solutions is greater than ever.  Because bad actors are constantly evolving their attack

Better together: Intelligence and Verification with Telesign 

As an industry leader in end-user verification, Telesign helps web and mobile applications verify their users every day through easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs.  While our best-in-class verification services can be used independently to build secure authentication experiences, it is even more valuable to pair our verification solutions with our Intelligence API, which provides companies with

Using Telesign to reduce fake accounts

Building a successful online or mobile application company may bring an unfortunate side effect: the more popular a company becomes, the more it becomes a target. And while fraud has always posed a challenge in business, it’s the methods that constantly evolve. One of the most significant current threats to companies operating online comes in

Helping developers navigate the complexities of multi-factor authentication 

In today’s landscape of ever-evolving cyber threats, safeguarding access to information systems and accounts isn’t optional. For developers, striking the right balance between robust security measures and user-friendly experiences can be challenging. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) undeniably enhances security, but users perceive it as a hurdle, potentially disrupting their user flow. However, cumbersome MFA experiences are

Exploring our self-service and developer experience 

The Telesign Self-service experience enables developers and technical product managers to quickly integrate Telesign APIs into their applications with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.   Our team is always working on improvements to ensure that creating an account, finding the information you need, testing and deploying our products is as easy as possible. Here are some highlights of

Preventing fake users without sacrificing growth: what every CTO should know 

By Kayln Kwan As all CTOs of growing startups or small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) know, the responsibility of ensuring a secure customer onboarding process rests on your shoulders. Striking the right balance between convenience and security is crucial to scale and protect your organization from fake users.   Securing your onboarding with Verify Plus

What is SMS Short Code

Specific operators generally use short code numbers–and in some countries, multiple operators can even use the same codes. They have several use cases beneficial to small or large businesses. Today, we provide a clearer understanding of how short codes potentially suit your needs. Detailed review of short codes Before we get into how to use

How to stop spam SMS

Receiving a spam SMS can have several meanings, from a simple annoyance to a dangerous attempt at stealing personal information. These texts have become so widespread that it’s difficult to find people using mobile phones who haven’t received at least one. Knowing how to identify spam texts is crucial for your safety in the current

What are transactional emails and why are they so important?

Transactional emails are a critical business tool used to notify users of important information. Telesign has announced a new transactional email integration via our Omnichannel Messaging API. What are transactional emails? Transactional emails are messages sent to users in response to some type of action the user has triggered on their end. These emails are

Drive efficiencies across your onboarding and engagement workflows with phone number lookups

Many online businesses encounter difficulties establishing scalable user verification workflows, implementing effective fraud prevention processes, and optimizing customer communication channels. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these problems, but businesses can gain insight into how to best protect their platform and engage their users by running phone number lookups. Telesign’s Phone ID product was specifically

Maximizing security with Verify Plus: Telesign’s SMS Verify add-on

If your company uses SMS Verify to send SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs) to new and existing customers, you can add a layer of protection to your business by enabling the Verify Plus add-on feature. With Verify Plus, businesses can conduct risk-based assessments to detect fraudulent threats before sending OTPs through SMS Verify. These risk-based assessments