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Using reputation scores for onboarding new customers

Accurate identity verification has always been one of the biggest issues when onboarding new customers. Companies often stay in the dark about sign-ups until it’s too late, and when it’s too late, businesses lose revenue, brands are damaged, and customers leave. Fortunately, these onboarding issues are preventable. We will walk you through the different issues

WhatsApp business messaging: Better customer engagement for improved ROI

Communication plays a critical role in delivering a great customer experience in today’s omnichannel world. Communication should be quick, easy, and familiar. As your WhatsApp business messaging provider, Telesign makes it simple to plug into the channel your customers love and trust. With Telesign’s WhatsApp business messaging, you can: WhatsApp business messaging helps you boost

SIM Swap Detection: A Key Factor in Fraud Prevention

What is SIM Swapping? SIM swapping is essentially phone number theft. Fraudsters find out personal information about a victim, and then use that information to convince the victim’s wireless carrier to port their phone number over to a SIM card in the fraudster’s possession. Most of us have our phone numbers linked to our bank,

Fight Account Fraud With Phone Number Reputation Scoring

So, you’ve enabled two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) and think that’s enough to protect to protect against fraud? Think again. The explosive global growth in using digital services, along with increasingly sophisticated identity theft methods, have exposed the limitations of relying solely on 2FA.   This is where phone number reputation scoring comes in.

How to Get Started With WhatsApp Business – Five Great Use Cases

Thanks to its rich media sharing options and wide global adoption, WhatsApp is so much more than a messaging app. Users recognize it asa valid, secure way to connect with family, friends and receive information of their choice. With over 2 billion active monthly users, 65+ billion messages sent daily in over 180 countries around

How to Excel In The Post-Pandemic Marketplace With Omnichannel Messaging

The New Definition of Omnichannel  Omnichannel is not just about reaching customers, in store, on your website or on their mobile devices. Brand messaging has become the norm with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, from a notification about a curbside pickup to delivery of an order consumers and brands are turning more and more

How Do We Detect a Number From a SIM Farm? There’s an API for That!

As pretty much everyone today carries a smartphone at all times, they also carry a potential target on their back. SIM farm scams are taking aim at mobile phone users, and the problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Here’s how the SIM farm scam works. Fraudsters buy thousands of SIM cards, activate them and then

The Value of 2FA and Score

Let’s walk through a standard two-factor authentication registration. The user creates an account and provides a phone number. A one-time passcode is sent to that phone number, and after the OTP is entered, the account is verified. The user now has full access to the platform. Now let’s walk through what didn’t happen. In the

Why We Link Communication and Digital Identity

When you think about the word identity, the first thing that pops into your head is likely security. Identities help us access our accounts in the real world, and our digital identities provide the credentials to access specific platforms in our digital lives. To write this blog, I had a one-time passcode sent to my

Score Big with Digital Identity in India

You all know the old scam about the foreign prince, right? He’s in trouble abroad and needs YOUR help. If you can float this mysterious royal some cash to get home, they will let you in on some crazy investment opportunity and make millions! Maybe, you’ll even be partying on your new friend’s yacht in

RCS Through the E-commerce Funnel

Pop Quiz, which of these is a more engaging? Hopefully, if you work in e-commerce, you understand the value in branding and delivering your customers an abundance of timely information, therefore leading you to pick option B. Rich Communication Services (RCS) has been around for quite some time. Still, enterprise brands, specifically in the e-commerce

Number Masking for an Anonymous Communication Experience

Most businesses understand the value of securely and privately engaging with their customers. One of the most popular ways to leverage enterprise Voice and SMS continues to be anonymous communication for on-demand/sharing economies. Voice and SMS anonymization allow two parties to communicate for a short period without exposing their actual identities/phone numbers. Telesign Number Masking