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Introducing Telesign’s Verify API: A simple and powerful tool for secure authentication 

May 16, 2024

In today’s landscape of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of user identities has become a critical concern for businesses worldwide. Whether it’s safeguarding financial transactions, verifying unknown users, or preventing fraudulent activity, robust authentication workflows are essential.  

But the traditional reliance on SMS for multifactor authentication (MFA) is increasingly becoming a vulnerability rather than a safeguard. As cybercriminals grow more adept at intercepting SMS or exploiting its weaknesses through social engineering, the need for more secure and diverse verification channels becomes evident. 

Verify API, our verification solution, is designed to streamline the authentication process and enhance security measures, empowering businesses to authenticate users with confidence and ease. 

What is Verify API?

Verify API is a versatile authentication platform that enables businesses to seamlessly verify user identities across seven channels: Silent Verify, Push Verify, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, and Email. With a single integration, Verify API enables businesses to effortlessly scale new authentication channels with minimal development resources.   

Key features and benefits

1. Multichannel authentication 

Choose the channel that works best for your customers. Verifying customers on their preferred channels leads to an improved customer experience and increased engagement, which can lead to more sales. 

2. Fallback capabilities 

If a preferred channel is unresponsive, fall back to another channel to complete the verification process. Our always-on failover feature mitigates failed delivery and downtime, ensuring continuous global protection. 

3. Global reach 

With a footprint extending across 230 countries and territories, the Verify API offers comprehensive global coverage, empowering businesses to authenticate customers globally. Recognizing that customers in diverse regions have varying preferred verification channels, our platform ensures businesses can seamlessly cater to these preferences—enabling customer verification regardless of location or preferred channel. 

4. Fraud protection 

Verify API automates fraud protection across the customer journey. Safeguard customer accounts by authenticating every interaction and defending against suspicious behavior. With verified sender IDs, you can prevent social engineering and phishing attacks at scale, delivering more protection and enhancing the user experience.  

5. Future-proof authentication 

Verify API scales to meet businesses’ ever-evolving needs. You can easily connect to different channels or add new ones later without introducing new vendors or APIs to your platform. Verify API offers comprehensive documentation and developer resources, making it easy for businesses to integrate authentication capabilities into their applications and services. With SDKs available for popular programming languages and platforms, developers can seamlessly incorporate authentication features without extensive overhead or complexity. 

6. Cost-savings and predictability  

Verify API enables budget stabilization. Use flexible channel delivery and custom routing to build a global authentication strategy that mitigates rising SMS costs.  

Use cases

In our increasingly digital world, multifactor authentication (MFA) is no longer a luxury—it’s an essential safeguard. Any business with a digital presence, regardless of size or sector, must prioritize robust security measures. Whether you’re interacting with customers online, processing transactions, or simply managing user accounts, MFA serves as a critical barrier against the ever-growing threats of cyberattacks and data breaches. It’s not just about protecting your operations; it’s about preserving trust and ensuring a secure experience for everyone. 

The versatility of Telesign’s Verify API makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases across the customer journey and various industries. 

Customer journey

  • Sign-up and onboarding: Safeguard against bot attacks, promo abuse, and fake users. Ensure only verified new customers enter your digital ecosystem. 
  • Sign-in and account protection: Minimize account takeovers by adding an extra layer of security to user sign-in flows to protect customer accounts. 
  • Account updates: Verify critical account changes such as password resets, device changes, shipping address updates, and more. 
  • Transactions: Protect high-value transactions to prevent chargeback and credit card fraud. 


  • Financial services: Secure online banking transactions and prevent account takeover fraud. 
  • E-Commerce: Verify customer identities during account registration and transaction authentication. 
  • Gaming: Protect your gaming ecosystem from fake users, account takeovers, fraudulent transactions, and promo abuse. 
  • On-demand services: Adopt a multi-layered approach to detect and prevent suspicious accounts from entering your platform. 
  • Healthcare: Safeguard patient portals and medical records with multifactor authentication. 
  • Enterprise software: Strengthen access controls for corporate applications and sensitive data. 

Telesign’s Verify API offers a comprehensive suite of authentication channels on one API, empowering businesses to verify users cost-effectively and efficiently without compromising security. With its multichannel support, global reach, adaptive intelligence, and developer-friendly integration, the Verify API is poised to help your business protect its bottom line and customers.  

Getting started

Take the next step by testing verification workflows through the Verify API and reviewing available documentation and resources. With flexible pricing plans and scalable solutions, Telesign empowers businesses of all sizes to implement robust verification workflows tailored to their specific needs. 

To learn more about Verify API and how it can benefit your business, talk to our experts today