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October 7, 2014

We're very excited to announce the availability of TeleSign Push Verify, a new mobile SDK that allows developers to easily embed advanced authentication methods, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), within existing mobile apps.To reduce the cost barrier to providing two-factor authentication to all users, we are providing Push Verify for free to TeleSign customers with consumer-facing applications.  

As evidenced by the ongoing number and scale of data breaches and successful hack attempts today – from the recent theft of 1.2 billion sets of credentials to the hacking of celebrity accounts, it's easy to understand why consumers would not feel safe online.In response, many of the leading consumer-facing Web and mobile properties today have made providing a secure, dependable, and brand-able user authentication experience a top priority.

Their developers need a more secure mechanism for protecting their end users' accounts and data from potential compromise by hackers, while maintaining control over their product's user experience and brand identity. They also need a more efficient and secure method to recover an account when a password has been lost or stolen.

That's where TeleSign Push Verify Kit comes in…

TeleSign Push Verify Kit enables customers to easily build user authentication and transaction verification into their existing mobile app through the use of:

•    Push - Authorization – Push notifications on the device's screen to prompt users to approve, deny, or report fraud for each authentication attempt.

•    Push - Code Challenges – A randomized numeric code shown on the Web page and verified in the mobile application, to approve or deny a login or transactions.

•    Soft Tokens – Time one-time numeric passkeys generated on the mobile device and entered into the Web application, as an additional verification step for authentication even if the user's phone isn't online. Multiple soft tokens can be hosted within the same app for use with different services.Some of the other features include:

•    Easy to Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Embed two-factor authentication into any existing mobile application and utilize multiple methods for verifying and authenticating end users.

•    Your Brand & User Experience - Complete flexibility over how all functionality and notifications are presented to the end user and with no need to install stand-alone applications - everything is maintained within your app.

•   Complements SMS & Voice Verification - Easily configure how and when to use mobile app-based authentication versus SMS or Voice.

•    Not Dependent on Carrier Service - Uses any data stream and therefore can handle verification and authentication of account access and transactions even when out of carrier signal range.•    24x7 Global Support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

•   Detailed Reporting - Detailed reporting and analytics for all verification and authentication events.

  iOS & Android - iOS (version 6.x and higher) and Android (version 4.1.x and higher)."

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