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Helping developers navigate the complexities of multi-factor authentication 

January 16, 2024

Telesign Team

In today’s landscape of ever-evolving cyber threats, safeguarding access to information systems and accounts isn’t optional. For developers, striking the right balance between robust security measures and user-friendly experiences can be challenging. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) undeniably enhances security, but users perceive it as a hurdle, potentially disrupting their user flow. However, cumbersome MFA experiences are more often caused by inefficient or overly aggressive implementations. An effective plan that balances security with user experience is the key to a winning MFA strategy. 

Since MFA is here to stay and is increasingly becoming necessary on all accounts, developer communities have been finding creative ways of implementing MFA in a way that makes users feel safe without becoming frustrated. In fact, with the right solutions and approaches, MFA can fortify security without sacrificing user-friendly experiences.  

Telesign SMS Verify is a solution built to help developers quickly implement winning user MFA experience. SMS Verify delivers a plug-and-play framework, empowering developers to painlessly integrate MFA workflows that improve end-user security without the typical implementation overhead. 

With SMS Verify, developers can quickly build, integrate, and scale MFA workflows that enhance overall user security by reliably sending time-based, one-time SMS passcodes (OTPs) around the world.   

SMS OTPs without the workload

Save valuable development time with Telesign APIs and services, which provide pre-built solutions for authentication, reducing the need for extensive custom coding. Let SMS Verify manage and automate all details associated with generating, delivering, and processing SMS OTPs. Just make a request to our API with the phone number of the end user and Telesign can take care of the rest. 

Authenticate users from around the world with one integration

SMS Verify simplifies the complex task of handling authentication requests across a diverse global landscape. With just one integration, you can effortlessly send SMS OTPs to over 200 countries and territories, for faster implementations and eliminating unnecessary local or regional MFA solutions. This enhances operational efficiency and helps ensure a consistent and reliable authentication solution that spans the globe. 

Avoid SMS OTP delivery failures

Complicated international dialing rules can negatively impact your SMS OTP delivery rates and result in unnecessary fees. SMS Verify saves you time and money by automatically cleansing phone numbers, adding or removing leading digits in the phone numbers based on country, city, and message type. 

Try SMS Verify with a free trial

Try SMS Verify with a free trial account. After sign-up, you’ll get instant access to an API Key and complimentary test credits to send SMS OTPs to verified test phone numbers. Have Questions? Browse through Telesign Support for solutions to commonly asked questions. 

Make sure to visit the Telesign Developer Center to learn more about our APIs and quickly access documentation, GitHub repositories, blogs, and other technical resources.