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Telesign Co-Founder Named to OWI Top 100 Influencers in Identity

Telesign Team February 12, 2019

One World Identity is a market intelligence and strategy firm focused on identity, trust and the data economy. Today they came out with their top 100 influencers in identity. Among the list were Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and United States Senators Mark Warner and Ron Wyden.

Also on the list was Telesign Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Stacy Stubblefield. Stacy started Telesign while she was still in her 20’s and helped bring the company from a team of three in 2005 to over 300 employees in 2019. Stacy now spends her time traveling the world sharing her extensive knowledge with the tech community and helping Telesign stay on the cutting edge of the industry.Most recently Stacy starred in her own master class on Mobile Identity, a free resource for industry professionals looking to learn more about the advancing techniques of fraud prevention and mobile engagement.

Big thanks to our friends at OWI for recognizing Stacy. We look forward to seeing them at KNOW Identity in Vegas where Stacy will be speaking and team Telesign will be hanging out at booth 601.

Click here to check out Stacy’s master class and here to learn more about KNOW Identity 2019.