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Engineers Week 2023: Women in engineering

“It’s important to increase the visibility of female engineers, provide mentorship and support for women in engineering.” – Ana Ercegovac, Associate Software Engineer, Telesign Happy Engineers Week! February 19-25 is officially Engineers Week! This observance has been around since 1951, created to showcase the valuable contributions of engineers. At Telesign, we love our engineers and

And the survey says? Customers prefer brands with secure onboarding

Who are you? It’s a timeless question, and one that serves as the core question in today’s omnipresent digital world. During the onboarding process, the question should be followed with a critical request: Prove it. As a platform owner, you need to knowÑand verifyÑthat the new users you’re onboarding are who they say they are.

The doctor will text you now: How SMS messaging improves the healthcare experience

When patients make appointments with their healthcare providers, they often encounter this typical scenario: Calling to make an appointment; completing a patient profile upon arrival-including insurance information and health history; and often answering the same questions spread across multiple platforms, including phone conversations, electronic questionnaires, and hard copy forms. The process can be tiresome, especially

The digital transformation of unified communications: Protecting against IRSF

Whether it’s speed, simplicity, or cost savings, more and more businesses are digitally transforming their communications operations. Today, two out of three organizations are moving significant portions of their communications solutions to the cloud.   As digital transformation continues to accelerate, cloud communications are critical to the success of modern-day business. In fact, 85% of

LAPSUS$ shows how SIM-swap attacks threaten enterprises as much as consumers

From social media takeovers to million-dollar crypto heists, SIM-swapping has become a mainstream attack vector. About every week another article hits our timelines on how an unsuspecting person became the latest victim. Last year alone, SIM-swap attacks cost Americans more than $68 million, and the number of reported incidents grew by more than 400%. Earlier

What is IRSF? Stealth attacks lead to huge losses

Today, business takes place—often wholly-in the digital realm. With this seismic shift to ecommerce and the need for fast, reliable digital identity verification, fraudsters have learned to game the system with sophisticated schemes designed to siphon money from unsuspecting companies. International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)-an attack where fraudsters hi-jack routine business processes to divert funds

2022 digital security predictions: Insight from Telesign CEO Joe Burton

Telesign CEO Joe Burton recently provided his predictions on all-things digital security for 2022. As a recognized thought leader in the industry, Burton has plenty of unique insight into how things currently work, how that will change in the future, and what businesses can do to adapt. Here are five predictions he sees for the

Telesign x Future Identity: A unique approach to identity framework

For those of you interested in the overall architecture of identity innovation, the Future Identity Festival is a perfect fit. The hybrid event offers groundbreaking ideas and optimistic visions for the future of identity. It connects many different groups, including policymakers, tech providers and more. The 2021 Future Identity Festival in The Brewery, London, was

Telesign at the IDWA (Identity Week Asia): Bolstering authentication

If you’re on the lookout for the newest trends in digital identity, security, and authentication, you’re probably aware of the IDWA (Identity Week Asia) event. Digital identity experts gather annually at Identity Week Asia to provide updates and insight into the identity landscape.   The virtual event brings vital information to governments, financial institutions, healthcare

Unique ways to get customers to opt in to your SMS services

Even if you’ve developed the perfect SMS messaging campaign designed to increase customer loyalty and drive to purchase, it won’t be effective unless your customers have opted in to your SMS promotions. An “opt in” means that consent has been given from the customer or user to the company, permitting the SMS to be sent.