Blocking Fraud Globally | TeleSign

In addition to quality of service and price, global coverge is one of the biggest reasons clients choose TeleSign. About 60% of all transactions are international with a high concentration in Western Europe and emerging countries like Brazil and India. The heat map at the bottom of our website shows the volume at which we are fighting fraud globally, with high traffic volume in darker blue countries.

Here are a few facts about our volume distribution from July 2011

In July 2011, TeleSign verified users in all 204 countries/ sovereign states in the world

  • The most calls were sent to the US, the least number of calls to Gambia
  • Users were verified in Antarctica on 21 out of 31 days
  • 384 messages were sent via SMS to the Vatican City

In July 2011, TeleSign sent voice calls in 44 different languages

  • English was the most popular language, followed by Spanish and Portuguese (most of which were sent to Brazil)
  • July was the first month that we sent a call in Icelandic (it was surprisingly hard to find good Icelandic voice talent. Try sending a call through Icelandic on our demo and let us know how it sounds)
  • In addition to sending calls in different languages, TeleSign also has prompts localized to specific geographies. For example, clients can send calls in American English, UK English, or Australian English.

TeleSign is continually adding new languages to broaden our international reach. Please contact us if you need another language to verify your users.


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