TeleSign announces its intent to go public.
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Make the digital world a more trustworthy place

The world’s most trusted brands rely on TeleSign to secure onboarding, maintain account integrity, prevent fraud, and streamline customer engagement.

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Who is TeleSign?

Trust at every stage of the customer journey

Harnessing billions of global digital, online, and mobile signals, TeleSign connects and protects your business and customers. We help the worlds largest brands prevent fake accounts, secure customer interactions, and reduce fraud in their enterprises.

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Onboarding your customers will love

Effective onboarding is complex and difficult to get right. Without increasing friction or sacrificing security, brands need to offer a seamless user experience. We deliver a fast, efficient, and secure onboarding experience that builds trust and protects your customers.

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Integrity your customers will trust

With today’s digital experiences, the opportunities for fraud to occur are exponential. It’s no longer enough to simply rely on a one-time risk assessment to verify customers. Take proactive steps to “always know your customers” by protecting your business and customers throughout their entire journey.

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Protection your customers will value

Fraud can happen anywhere on your platform. Through our extensive partner ecosystem and direct integrations, TeleSign plugs into your access management and internal fraud models to improve your protection against synthetic identity fraud, IRSF attacks, promotion abuse, and more.

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Engagement your customers need

From account verification to purchase confirmation, reliable and secure customer communication is critical. We deliver complete global voice and text verification and connectivity to ensure you reach your customers on the channel they trust, no matter where they’re located.

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Why TeleSign

End the tradeoff between security & customer experience

Your customers want a safe, frictionless online experience.  We help you give it to them and empower you to do business in good faith, with dependability, and trust.  

We transform consumer data points, identity signals, and traffic patterns into an active risk and reputation scoring model.
We serve as the security sentry to verify the authenticity of your customers and determine which ones are fraudulent.
We leverage exclusive partnerships and client relationships to deliver global reach with the largest, most diverse mobile identity data sets in the world.

Don’t just take our word for it

TeleSign works with the world’s largest platforms across a multitude of industries.

“At Affirm, we have the best algorithms for evaluating financial risk, and TeleSign has the best digital identity data to recognize possible fraud.”
Head of Financial Partnerships
"TeleSign has been a fantastic partner - responsive, thoughtful, and forward-thinking. We look forward to deepening our partnership."
John Lynch
Sr. Director, Fraud & Verification Services
“TeleSign is part of our ongoing efforts to improve trust, security, and quality on our platform.”
Gali Gelber
Head of Trust & Safety
“Though verifying a phone number during our sign up process is optional, we see more than two-thirds of our new users opting-in.”
Michael Pezely
Head of Trust and Safety
“In partnership with TeleSign, TIER knows that the company’s protected from fraud and we can focus on other important topics.”
TIER Product Team
“Utilizing TeleSign’s services gave us more confidence with our user registration process and security in general.”
Product Team
"We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever-expanding global footprint. TeleSign delivered the scale we were looking for."
Chuck Mortimore
VP, Product Management, Identity, and Security
“Providing current and future ShareFile customers with the capability to leverage multifactor authentication gives me peace of mind.”
Manny Landron
“The number of abuse reports from Skype Number owners and the amount of abuse reports dropped since we started to use Score.”
Anton Volkov
Program Manager
“Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application.”
Rob Bauman
Director, Partner Engagement & Operations
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✓ Establish comprehensive fraud protection