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“Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application.”

Manny Landron


“We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever expanding global footprint. TeleSign delivered the scale we were looking for.”

Chuck Mortimore

VP, Product Management, Identity and Security

"Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application."

Rob Bauman

Director, Partner Engagement & Operations

“The number of abuse reports from Skype Number owners and the amount of abuse reports dropped since we started to use Score.”

Anton Volkov

Program Manager


Protect and engage your customers starting at signup


Send Customer Engagement Communications

Deliver timely, personalized information through global SMS/RCS and voice cloud communications

Know Your Customer

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers from actionable global phone number and subscriber data intelligence

Add Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication from the pioneers of phone-based 2FA, the largest platforms in the world have trusted TeleSign 2FA since 2005

Prevent Account Takeover

Prevent end-user account compromise and unauthorized access with two-factor authentication & customer identity data

Reduce Fake Accounts

Verify end-user identity and block spam at account registration using phone verification and intelligence-based fraud risk scoring

Streamline Account Registration

Utilize phone intelligence to simplify the onboarding process for legitimate users while identifying and blocking risky users before they can do harm

Identify Users

TeleSign provides digital identity solutions for businesses to streamline account registration, fight fraud, and deliver actionable KYC insights.

Digital Identity Products


Phone number reputation scoring


Discover device characteristics including carrier, type, recent SIM card swaps, and more.

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Engage Users

Engage users throughout the entire customer lifecycle with customizable APIs leveraging Voice, SMS, and omnichannel strategies.



Build SMS messaging into web and mobile applications


Build voice calling into apps, web and communications systems


Authenticate users with SMS and voice-based one-time passcodes


Send conversational messages with rich content

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Grow your business safely with TeleSign


number of transactions TeleSign conducts monthly


of the largest Cloud Computing companies in the world trust us




countries and territories
with coverage


Financial Services

4 out of the top 5 financial institutions are TeleSign customers


As Gaming and MMORPGs’ popularity increases, it’s become a target for attackers


99% of eCommerce sites experience account takeover

Social Networking

The largest social networks in the world trust Telesign

On-Demand Services

Trusted worldwide by the largest on-demand and ride share companies

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