Auto Verify: Simple & Secure Mobile App Verification

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Verification done at a lower cost per conversion compared to SMS-based verification alone.

Verifying user identities is more critical than ever to businesses today seeking to prevent the decrease in revenue, brand damage and loss of user trust that fraud cultivates. To address this growing need for greater security while minimizing user interaction during the mobile app account verification process, TeleSign has launched Auto Verify.

TeleSign Auto Verify is a secure, lightweight Software Development Kit (SDK) that easily integrates a better user verification process within a mobile app, providing a faster connection to an Android device and direct visibility into verification success while controlling costs.

Auto Verify establishes a user’s Android-based device and phone number as their trust anchor for new mobile app downloads and in-app transaction verification. This is done at a lower cost per conversion compared to SMS-based verification alone. TeleSign Auto Verify also introduces a first of its kind subscription model that only charges for completed transactions and can provide standardized global rates regardless of where the user being verified is located.

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TeleSign customers in markets including social, gaming, dating, Over-The-Top (OTT) and mobile commerce (“m-commerce”) are implementing TeleSign Auto Verify to simplify mobile app user registration, transaction verification and phone number verification.

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Additional information, including product screenshots and workflows, can be found at and in the product datasheet, available here. There is also a webinar — “Streamlining Mobile App Account Registration for Rapid User Growth” available on demand.

To learn more about this announcement and what TeleSign leadership and beta customers have to say about the product, check out our recent press release, TeleSign Speeds Mobile App Verification With Simple, Secure Auto Verify.