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What’s Your Number?

November 7, 2019

Telesign Team
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Telesign Provides Phone Numbers

Businesses that utilize SMS and Voice APIs to send communications to their customers are already aware of the many benefits of offering up these channels for enhanced digital experiences. In a few lines of code, messages can be sent from applications to mobile devices in the hands of anyone in the world. Companies that choose Telesign for these services can do so with the use of shared or dedicated phone numbers.

Our shared and pre-approved Sender and Caller IDs don’t require any additional fees and make set-up fast and easy. You can also lease your own dedicated phone number to use as your Caller ID to set up a more engaging and consistent local experience.

Here are five primary reasons a business would want to utilize dedicated phone numbers for their customer communications:

  1. To maintain brand consistency – Businesses can send SMS or Voice messages from a familiar, consistent identifying number that helps their brand stand out.
  2. To create a localized customer experience – Phone numbers that use the same country code as your customers deliver a localized customer experience. Displaying a familiar area code to your customers also leads to a greater chance of the message being opened, read and interacted with.
  3. To enable two-way communications – Open up engagement with inbound communications from your end users by providing them with a dedicated number from which they can send and receive both messages and phone calls.
  4. To offer recognizable customer-support numbers on a global scale – Toll-free or local phone numbers with recognizable patterns can stimulate customers engagement and contribute to long term retention. Letting a user pick up the phone and talk to someone is a great way to boost customer service.
  5. To enable the ability to track the efficacy of multiple marketing and communication campaigns simultaneously – Businesses can run multiple campaigns on different Sender IDs and analyze each campaign on an individual level to optimize cost and performance.

Why Telesign?

Telesign’s phone numbers are purchased and provisioned instantly through the Telesign platform. With a comprehensive inventory of phone numbers in over 110 countries, we provide a pool of both short and long codes to choose from, enabling reach in the most targeted markets.

As a Mobile Network Operator, we are experts in understanding the compliance complexities of sending SMS and Voice globally. Our compliance team is well-versed in the various market nuances and country regulations. Our clients leverage this expertise to follow industry best practices and manage successful global communications programs. Between Telesign and our parent company BICS, we have decades of experience as a trusted leader in communications.

What Are the Different Types of Dedicated Numbers Available?

With Telesign phone numbers, you can send and receive SMS messages and voice calls anywhere in the world from dedicated or shared numbers. We have five convenient options based on your business specific needs.


Provide your end users with a recognizable, free of charge calling interface through Toll-Free numbers



Mobile numbers with global reach that support both inbound and outbound communications



Create a sense of trust and locality with numbers that have the same country/area codes as your users



High Volume SMS enabled numbers that provide a consistent and unique identifier



Give your brand better visibility through the use of alphanumeric sender IDs


Telesign is a trusted partner for all of your verification, engagement and communication needs. We support 21 of the largest 25 web properties in the world by connecting and protecting online experiences and we’re prepared to support you. Are you ready to take the plunge and see what Telesign phone numbers can do for you? Purchase is simple can be accomplished in a matter of seconds by contacting your Sales representative.