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Scam Likely: Why Your Business Needs Caller ID Management

November 5, 2019

Telesign Team
Phone displaying Caller ID

What is Caller ID Management?

You may have noticed a rise in calls lately from numbers you do not recognize. Furthermore, it seems that several times a day you receive a call from a phone number spoofing your local area code or even callers flagged as ‘Scam Likely’ or ‘Robo Call.’ You are not alone in this. In 2017 scam calls were relatively sparse, only accounting for four percent of total calls. That number has ballooned dramatically. As of 2019 that number has risen to 50 percent. As you might guess, most people have just stopped answering their phones. Three out of four calls now go unanswered if they originate from an unknown number. Add in the fact that Millennials hate talking on the phone already, and it becomes rather apparent that it is tough to get anyone to answer their mobile phone.If you are a business trying to communicate important information to a user, this can become an issue. What if you need to communicate critical billing information, a fraud notification, or return a request for customer support? A random phone number appears, or even worse your business erroneously triggers a ‘scam likely’ alert? That call is going straight to voicemail. There is, however, a way to prevent this. Using Caller ID Management, a business can communicate to their end users exactly who they are before the phone is answered, even if that user doesn’t have the business’ contact information saved. Instead of an unknown number, Telesign displays the business name, opening a trusted line of communication between business and user.

Caller ID Management Features

Caller ID Management is a new feature from Telesign’s Voice API that allows businesses to create a sense of trust and identity with its users. By leveraging a branded caller ID that is unique and consistent, you can deliver voice calls without being blocked, spoofed, or tagged as spam. Time sensitive issues such as credit card fraud can now be resolved quickly merely by signaling to the user that this contact is indeed legitimate. Beyond branded caller ID with comprehensive coverage across all major US carriers, Caller ID Management removes spam tags, stops calls from being blocked and even blacklists inbound-only numbers so more creative fraudsters can’t spoof your company contact info. Caller ID Management will not kill ÔScam Likely’ but it can help you break through an inherent communication block between you and your users so that you can create an engaging customer experience. Any business that finds value in their users answering its phone calls needs Caller ID Management. Are you sick of your calls being ignored? We can help. Our industry leading Voice API can reinvigorate your user experience and customer engagement. Contact Telesign today and don’t worry, we always answer.