Millennials & Text Messages: Make Them Your OTP

Industry insights
Laura Apel
Aug 16, 2017

Stay relevant. Shift your marketing outreach to accommodate the largest group of consumers, worldwide. Millennials (defined as those who fall between 18 to 30 years old) crave timely, consistent, personalized communications. With mobile devices at their sides daily—even as they sleep--SMS contact is naturally preferred. Make this millennials-to-SMS match your OTP (in this case, OTP being “one true pairing”) and your business will benefit.

Why Millennials?

Millennials simply spend more freely than other generations. According to a Charles Schwab report, millennials spend more than other generations on comforts and conveniences like taxis, pricey coffee, dining out, going to concerts, sporting events and tech.

Why SMS?

Texting is instant. Both delivery and receipt of a business message happens in real-time, without delay. Over 98% of customers will read an SMS in the first minute it lands in their device, compared to a diminishing 20% open rate on emails. Think about a millennial in your life... do you even know their personal email address?The communications platform is flexible. SMS messages can easily be targeted to an individual with custom wording and offers based on their needs and prior purchasing choices. SMS messaging for business feels personal and welcoming.Over 4.9 billion people use SMS to communicate both personally and professionally. This massive, connected user base is where you want to focus your outreach.

Retaining Your Key Millennial Customers

You've worked tirelessly to build an audience. Don't let changing times and technology affect your bottom line. Retaining your largest customer base is possible with quick, simple mobile messaging. Why? Because texting is the preferred method of communication among millennials.

  • 40% of millennials are “more likely to act” following a text message communication
  • 85% of millennials prefer text messages to voicemail
  • The average millennial sends 67 text messages per day
  • Personalized messaging is what millennials respond to most
  • Millennials prefer to troubleshoot customer service issues via text, instead of over the phone (81% of all consumers are frustrated with phone-based customer service)
  • Millennials expect texts to be interactive - links and reply requests are welcomed
  • 62% of millennials surveyed find text message reminders to be helpful, whether they confirm an upcoming appointment or provide check-in information for an upcoming flight
  • 77% of millennials have positive perceptions of companies that text, in turn increasing brand image and loyalty

How TeleSign Can Help Your Business

TeleSign's easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs drive and engage customers through timely, personalized information in the form of SMS alerts, reminders, notifications, invites and other automated messages. Specifically, our messaging APIs increase user engagement, customer growth and customer lifetime values (CLV).We can assist in your SMS messaging for business needs by offering direct-to-carrier routes which ensure the highest delivery and conversation rates in messaging options. Our services span the globe, encompassing more than 200 countries and territories utilizing 87 languages. Before transmission, we offer phone number cleansing to format the digits in a way that ensures greater global success.TeleSign is helping the world's largest technology brands connect, protect and engage their customers. Developers can now efficiently test and deploy TeleSign APIs and SDKs with no contract commitments or minimum transaction methods. Why not give them a try?  Your business can enjoy a free trial account. Get started today!"

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