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Launching Careers and Creating Opportunity with CS You

April 13, 2021

Telesign Team
Our new Telesign intern

The Telesign team just got a little bigger! This week we welcomed our newest Customer Success intern, Ivey Childs, who comes to us through the CS You program, which aims to provide training and placement opportunities in entry-level Customer Success Roles.

The CS You Program is a new training and vocational initiative born of a partnership between Gainsight, a customer success company, and SV Academy, a vocational school that provides access to high-growth careers. With a mission to expand wages and create a diverse customer success industry,CS You puts its participants on a journey to professional success, building a community through which professionals from underrepresented communities can launch their careers in customer success. 

The CS You program includes four weeks of training, an eight-week paid internship, and up to 12 months of coaching after full-time placement. At Telesign, we’re always searching for ways to help build a progressive, innovative industry and also strive to assemble the best team we can. The CS You program allows us to do both, so we jumped at the chance to participate as one of the companies at which program participants can be placed for internship.  

Telesign believes that one of the biggest ways we can contribute to a diverse and thriving industry is by helping expand access to opportunity. One of our core values is #TelesignTogether which, at its core, honors the vast diversity of our team and prioritizes the inclusion of all people. We know that diversity is vital to creating a successful industry, so we’re proud to be included in a great program like CS You and are thrilled to welcome Ivey to our team. 

FromHouston, Texas, Ivey comes to the SaaS industry from a non-traditional background in music performance (the flute) at OklahomaState University. She subsequently switched paths and over the course of 8years working in the metal distribution industry, held many roles supporting executives and the sales team while providing top-notch customer service. She quickly discovered a passion for providing solutions-oriented customer experiences and is excited for the next step in a career centered around building customer relationships and helping clients achieve their best outcomes.

Ivey’s passion for customer success in a fast-paced sales environment truly shines, and her compassion, eagerness to learn, and dedication makes her a perfect match for Telesign. Her drive to go above and beyond is emblematic of our team and we are so excited to welcome her aboardÑwe know that her impressive tenacity and passion for Customer Success will lead her to great things, and we’re proud to be a part of that journey.

Welcome aboard Ivey! We couldn’t be more excited to have you join the Telesign team. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the program and applying yourself, or if you think your company would like to sponsor an internship, you can learn more on the CS You website.