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Elevating data protection: Our certification in the new Data Privacy Framework 

January 26, 2024

In today’s digital economy, the security and privacy of personal data stand at the forefront of trustworthy business practices. We are excited to announce that Telesign has recently been certified under the US Department of Commerce’s innovative Data Privacy Framework (DPF).  

This certification not only embodies our commitment towards upholding best-in-class data and privacy standards, but also empowers us to engage in cross-border data transfers with the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), and Switzerland, fostering a seamless global operation. 

Understanding the Data Privacy Framework 

The Data Privacy Framework is an initiative by the US Department of Commerce aimed at bridging the data protection standards between the United States (US) and the EU. This framework sets a higher benchmark for personal data safety and security, ensuring that companies adhere to stringent data protection standards to ultimately earn and maintain consumer trust. 

A leap towards robust data protection 

Telesign’s certification in the Data Privacy Framework signifies a substantial stride towards enhanced data protection. Here’s how the framework fortifies consumer data safeguards: 

  • Enhanced privacy standards: By conforming to the elevated privacy standards dictated by the framework, we assure our customers that their data is handled with utmost integrity and security. This alignment fosters transparency and builds a robust foundation of trust between us and our valued customers.  
  • Secure cross-border data transfers: The framework facilitates secure cross-border data transfers between the US and the EU, ensuring that the data remains protected irrespective of where it’s processed. This is pivotal in today’s global business landscape, where data often traverses across borders. 
  • Continual compliance monitoring: The Data Privacy Framework mandates regular audits and monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance with its standards. This continuous oversight guarantees that our data protection measures remain cutting-edge and effective. 
  • Consumer redress mechanism: It provides a robust mechanism for consumers to voice their concerns and seek redress should they feel their data has been mishandled. This empowers consumers and underscores our dedication to upholding their rights. 

Our certification is more than a compliance badge; it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to maintaining modern data and privacy standards. It reflects our proactive approach to embracing superior practices that safeguard our customers’ data while also fulfilling our global operational aspirations. Finally, it aligns with our overall commitment to ensuring Continuous Trust™ across the customer journey. 

Stay tuned for more updates. Your data, your privacy, and your trust are our top priorities. 

To learn more about Telesign and our mission to make the digital world a safer place for everyone, chat with us today.