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Elevating data protection: Our certification in the new Data Privacy Framework 

In today’s digital economy, the security and privacy of personal data stand at the forefront of trustworthy business practices. We are excited to announce that Telesign has recently been certified under the US Department of Commerce’s innovative Data Privacy Framework (DPF).   This certification not only embodies our commitment towards upholding best-in-class data and privacy

The cause and effect relationship between fraud and trust 

This week I’ve got two words on my mind. These are words that don’t normally go together: fraud and trust. You may be asking yourself, “How can these words possibly go together?!” My answer to that is that they must go together, not in the same way as peanut butter and jelly and Bert and

What are transactional emails and why are they so important?

Transactional emails are a critical business tool used to notify users of important information. Telesign has announced a new transactional email integration via our Omnichannel Messaging API. What are transactional emails? Transactional emails are messages sent to users in response to some type of action the user has triggered on their end. These emails are

Unsure if your data has been compromised? Not anymore.

In today’s digital world, consumers have grown to expect that companies are safeguarding their data through various security measures. Additionally, consumers now hold the companies they engage with accountable for averting and addressing data breaches and theft when it occurs on the company platform. Companies want to protect their customers and their customers’ data. But

A model of leadership: Kristi Melani, Telesign CMO

Good leadership is important—it matters to employees, customers, and the economy in general. We see a lot of good leaders out there. Great leadership, however, is much harder to come by, and we wanted to take a moment to give a big shout out to a great leader who has made a difference to so

Fraud: An equal opportunity offender

Some things have become so ingrained as truth that it’s a real shock when we find out they’ve changed and become untrue (or were never true to begin with). From figuring out the Earth was round, to learning that George Washington didn’t actually have wooden teeth to this: younger people are extremely susceptible to fraud.

National Intern Day: Meet our 2023 Telesign interns!

July 27 is National Intern Day! Telesign is celebrating by highlighting our 2023 U.S. interns. This year, Telesign welcomed 15 interns from across the world who study at various universities within the United States and pursue several different degrees. This group has had the opportunity to collaborate with different teams across Telesign and immerse themselves

Introducing the Telesign Trust Certified Badge

We’re excited to announce the Telesign Trust Certified Badge! When a company displays this badge on their website, it symbolizes that they’ve employed best-in-class fraud prevention solutions to protect their end-users. When a customer earns this badge, it’s because they’ve demonstrated a commitment to providing a trusted digital experience for their own customers, which includes

The voice of Solutions Engineering: Meet the topics and voices

Solutions engineers interact with clients and partners to discover their challenges and offer real world solutions that help address them. On a daily basis, we help answer technical questions to ensure customer success. As solutions engineers, we are immersed in the world of digital fraud and love to put our problem-solving skills to good use

Mamba fosters the right connections with Telesign

Fraud and online dating are two things that are not meant to go together. Finding a special someone is hard enough as it is, but when fraud enters the scene, it’s nearly impossible. So what do popular and successful dating apps do about the fraud problem? We bring you a story of one such company

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