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8 Ways to Use SMS to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

January 31, 2018

Telesign Team
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In the competitive business of hotels, consistent innovation is a necessity when looking to improve customer experience. Part of that innovation for many hotels is A2P SMS messaging. A survey conducted in 2016 showed that 55% of consumers reported that they like receiving messages from travel companies, including hotels. Customers are beginning to expect to have all the information they need immediately at their fingertips through SMS messages. The incorporation of A2P messaging in your hotel’s marketing plan ensures that you meet this increasingly popular demand. A2P SMS allows businesses more access to customers while simultaneously enhancing their experience. With SMS messaging, you can count on instant delivery and receipt – over 90% of customers read an SMS in the first minute. SMS messaging also gives you access to a massive user base while still retaining flexibility. Messages can be tailored depending on your hotel guests’ needs and the information that you need to share at specific points in time.

How to Use SMS to Improve Guest Satisfaction in Your Hotel

The instant contact and flexibility of SMS messaging allows you to improve your guest experience in a number of ways. Here are concrete examples of how you can enhance you’re a guest’s stay with A2P SMS.

1. Remind guests of check-in time before arrival

When guests are coming to your hotel from around the world, it’s helpful to inform them of their check-in time before arrival so they can plan accordingly. Sending the text also gives them time to update their check-in time or room preferences, if necessary. With the additional information provided by the guest, you can better accommodate their needs and personalize their experience before they even arrive at your hotel.

2. Ask guests to review their check-in experience

After check-in, use SMS to get feedback from your guests about their check-in experience. The survey results will highlight any problem areas that need to be immediately addressed or fixed for guests arriving in the future. Following up with guests and implementing changes based on their suggestions will help make your customer service outshine competitors.

3. Send WiFi information to guests

The first thing many guests want after checking in is the WiFi information. By sending them a text with that information upon arrival, you can anticipate and satisfy their needs before they have to ask. Moreover, having the password saved in a text means they’ll have it on hand throughout their stay.

4. Send event/reservation information for services booked through the concierge

If a guest makes a reservation for dinner or a show through your concierge, send their reservation confirmation through text. You could also include other activities to do around the area in your text message. These additional personalized touches will boost your customer’s experience with little extra effort or expense.

5. Ask guests to review their stay after departure

Send guests a quick poll through SMS upon checkout, and the information about their stay can be used to improve customer service in the future. If a common thread runs through your reviews, making a change can significantly enhance the guest experience.

6. Provide daily weather updates for location

Guests will appreciate a text in the morning informing them of the weather that day, especially if your hotel is located in a place with volatile weather. Similar to providing the WiFi information, this service-oriented, personalized touch makes guests feel supported.

7. Send deals or coupons for returning customers

To encourage customers to return to your hotel, send exclusive discounts through SMS or encourage them to refer friends with a personalized code. SMS serves as an ideal medium to send relevant information to interested parties. Keep your hotel in the forefront of people’s minds by offering them great deals or loyalty perks through SMS messaging.

8. Update guests on the status of their room service or laundry orders

If guests order a service through your hotel, keep them updated on the status of their order through SMS. It might seem like a small touch, but when it comes to creating an incredible guest experience, these small conveniences add up to a memorable, worry-free experience.

How Telesign Can Help

For hotels looking to stay on the cutting edge of customer service, Telesign can help. Easy-to-integrate APIs allow you to drive customer engagement with timely, personalized information in the form of SMS alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, and other automated messages.Like you, Telesign is constantly innovating to improve our services to fit your needs. Our direct-to-carrier connections, global coverage, optimized routing and advanced phone number cleansing ensure the highest delivery and completions rates. Ready to get started? Sign up for your free trial or contact us today for more information.