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WhatsApp business messaging: Better customer engagement for improved ROI

December 14, 2021

Telesign Team
The Telesign logo connecting to the WhatsApp logo.

Communication plays a critical role in delivering a great customer experience in today’s omnichannel world. Communication should be quick, easy, and familiar. As your WhatsApp business messaging provider, Telesign makes it simple to plug into the channel your customers love and trust. With Telesign’s WhatsApp business messaging, you can:

  • Deliver alerts and reminders on time every time: Send appointment reminders, shipping notifications, the latest product updates, and service updates to opted-in customers.
  • Verify customer identity: Just like with SMS, you can verify customers with one-time-passcodes (OTPs) – only now they’re encrypted and from a branded account.
  • Engage in interactive two-way conversations: Your customers have questions. WhatsApp business messaging empowers you to give them answers. Have real-time conversations with your customers by building WhatsApp into your operational workflow to deliver experiences your customers love.  

WhatsApp business messaging helps you boost efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the ways WhatsApp will make a big difference for your customers.

How WhatsApp helps you better serve your customers

With global reach and billions of messages every day – WhatsApp business messaging can fundamentally change how you engage with your customers:

  • Meet your customers on the channel they trust: 80% of adults agree messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with businesses. Every day, over 175M people message a WhatsApp business account.
  • Reduce friction in your engagements: 75% of adults want to communicate with businesses the same way they communicate with friends and family.
  • Connect with customers worldwide: WhatsApp reaches more than 2 billion active users in more than 160 countries.    

The WhatsApp advantage

Why do more than 2 billion users around the world prefer WhatsApp? Because it delivers a more engaging, versatile, and secure experience than traditional mobile messaging.  

Safe and trusted experiences

Customers can be skeptical when receiving business messages. Can you blame them? Spam, fraud, and phishing attacks from scammers pretending to be a real business run rampant today.  

WhatsApp business messaging gives you a branded, verified profile complete with email, website, address, and more. Your customers can have peace of mind knowing their interactions with you are legitimate and safe.  

Enhanced insights

Traditional SMS can leave you in the dark. Was the message delivered? Did they read it? WhatsApp not only lets the sender know that the message was delivered, but it also notifies them when the message is clicked open. With WhatsApp, you’ll gain valuable insights into the efficacy of your customer engagement rates.

Go beyond text and images

Tickets, invoices, and documents – sending files to your customers is an everyday occurrence, but it’s not always a great experience for your customer. WhatsApp business messaging makes sending important files documents an effortless and integrated experience. No more flagging emails or searching the junk folder; your customers will now have everything they need right from your conversations.  

Longer, more engaging messaging

SMS messaging caps out at 160 characters. With WhatsApp, you can add context with messages up to 1,024 characters – over six times the content of an SMS! It doesn’t stop there – you can also include images, videos and share locations for more creative messages and extra effective CTAs.

Looking to improve your customer engagement? WhatsApp business messaging might be just what you need. With WhatsApp, you’ll deliver an improved customer experience, better communication options, and more secure customer relationships in today’s increasingly omnichannel world. Users are showing a willingness to communicate with businesses on trusted platforms, making WhatsApp a clear fit for success.

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