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Unique ways to get customers to opt in to your SMS services

November 26, 2021

Telesign Team
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Even if you’ve developed the perfect SMS messaging campaign designed to increase customer loyalty and drive to purchase, it won’t be effective unless your customers have opted in to your SMS promotions. An “opt in” means that consent has been given from the customer or user to the company, permitting the SMS to be sent.

Obtaining consent before sending SMS messages containing promotional content is not only a customer experience best practice, but-with the emergence of the Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and other policies-a legal requirement.

Fortunately, many of your customers likely want to be contacted through SMSÑmore than 75 percent of customers have said that they prefer to receive offers via text message. All your business must do is design some simple and compliant ways to get them to opt in to your SMS services.

What is SMS opt-in?

SMS opt-in is the way in which you get a customer’s permission to send them text/SMS messages. Many times, this permission is granted by having customers text an opt-in keyword to the business. The key thing to remember is to have saved proof on file showing your customer’s authorization for SMS opt-in.

Why Opt-in messaging is necessary

There are two crucial reasons you must have an effective SMS opt-in system in place:

  • Maintaining a solid brand image. There are customers who will be unwilling to receive text messages from your business. Sending them without their permission could change their perception of your brand, possibly turning them away from future business.
  • Complying with regulations. There are legal requirements regarding SMS opt-in that demand businesses receive the permission of customers before sending out text messages. Staying compliant prevents unnecessary fees and fines.

Below, we’ve highlighted six ways you can spread the word about your SMS marketing program and encourage your customers to join.

6 tips to entice customers into opting in to your SMS services

1. Use online sign-up or purchase forms

One of the easiest ways you can drive sign-ups is to give your customers the option to join your SMS list when they’re completing an online form. For example, if your customers regularly make purchases online, add a checkbox that allows them to easily opt in to your SMS program. If you’re already asking for email signups through your website, add another field for your SMS program. The key here is to make it easy for prospects to opt inÑconvenience will drive sign-ups.

2. Create an email campaign

Use the resources you already have to spread the word about your SMS services. Leverage your existing and marketable email lists to send a blast advertising your SMS program.

Keep the email short and to the point and make it easy for customers to subscribe to your SMS campaign directly through the email. To create urgency, position your email campaign to highlight limited time offers.

3. Advertise an SMS promotion

Use different forms of advertising to promote that SMS offers and deals are available to subscribers. Digital, print, and in-store advertisements will encourage people to opt in. Offer exclusive subscriber deals, discounts, or early access to new products and services to help drive sign-ups.

Considering that 90% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes, the money you spend on these advertisements will be well worth the gains you make in customer engagement.

4. Market in-store or on-site advertisements

If your business has a physical location, use signage in the store to advertise your SMS messaging program. Encourage your sales associates to engage with customers and share related discounts as the customer is checking out.

5. Make it exclusive

Offer discounts and deals that are exclusive to subscribers. If you offer them a product or service that isn’t available in-stores, you’re providing a powerful incentive to subscribe.

Offering subscriber-only deals helps customers feel like VIPs and makes SMS services more appealing. Who doesn’t like to feel as if they’re part of an exclusive club?

6. Promote via email

Encourage consumers opt-ins by sharing a dedicated short code by email that they can text to subscribe. Not only is it easy and effective, but it also allows sales associates the opportunity to converse with customers about the benefits of joining your SMS messaging service.

Start getting more customers to opt-in today

For businesses looking to increase their market share through SMS marketing, Telesign can help. Telesign’s easy-to-integrate SMS API engages customers through timely, personalized information in the form of SMS alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, and other automated messages.

Ready to get started building your SMS marketing program? Talk with us today.

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