Field of Dreams: A New Frontier of SMS and Voice Marketing

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October 12, 2018

Welcome to October, the month of Halloween, Mario Lopez's birthday and sports. Lots of sports.

Sports fandom is weird. I grew up in Indianapolis, with a father from St. Louis, went to school in Bloomington, spent time in Chicago before settling in Los Angeles. This makes me a Pacers, Colts, Cardinals, Hoosiers, Blackhawks, LAFC fan. That's enough to make one's head spin, especially when all my teams are in action. As much as I like to keep up with my favorite teams, sometimes it's tough to know when they are coming to town.

What if it wasn't?

Every sports fan has a unique set of interests, so what if you could build an API into your ticketing system that would inform folks when their favorite athletes were playing nearby?

If you build it, they will come.

Using TeleSign's Voice platform, you can now blast out custom messages to keep your customers in the loop about when their favorite teams or athletes are playing at a local venue. Take me for example, I could get a phone call from Victor Oladipo telling me the Pacers are coming to play the Lakers in LA and tickets are on sale now.

We can also use these alerts when new seats become available or even to advertise last minute discounts to give fans another opportunity to get in the door. This is a win-win for everyone involved--the teams, the venues and most importantly the fans. There are limitless use cases that we could experiment with, but the key to driving a successful bottom line is engagement with the fans. What is more engaging than hearing directly from a star athlete on your mobile phone?

It doesn't stop at phone calls either, TeleSign can also shoot out an SMS to remind you about an important playoff baseball game, a text I may have received had the Cardinals not lost five of their last six.

October is the greatest sports month. NFL, college football, NHL, NBA, MLS and MLB are ALL in action. People hate missing out on things, so why not use TeleSign Voice and SMS notifications to give them a subtle reminder? Maybe the next time your phone rings it will be your favorite athlete reminding you not to work so hard and come enjoy the game.

Already using Voice alerts and notifications in your web or mobile app experience? Consider switching to TeleSign. Backed by the power of direct connections through one of the world's leading telecommunications providers, we're pretty sure we can be a game changer. Contact one of our experts today to learn how.

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