Better Together: Intelligence and Verify With Telesign

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July 21, 2016

Telesign is the industry leader in end-user verification. We're proud to be helping the world's largest Web and mobile applications verify their users through our suite of easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs. But as groundbreaking as our best-in-class verification products are, pairing our global fraud intelligence solution with verification is even more powerful. Telesign Intelligence is an effective risk assessment API that delivers a phone number reputation score by utilizing machine learning to analyze phone number data.  When customers use Telesign's verification products in conjunction with Intelligence, they are implementing the most advanced and reliable end-user account security solution on the market to protect their use base.

Optimized Phone Data

With end-user account security, it's all about the intelligence behind the phone number. Let's use a health analogy. When we have a specific medical issue—affecting the heart, brain or lungs for example—we see a specialist in that targeted area. You have a heart problem; you go to a cardiologist. Cardiologists are the experts in issues related to the heart and the more they examine one heart, the more they learn and the more they can help. Telesign's team of security professionals are the cardiologists of the phone number world. We're phone number specialists. You wouldn't go see the best cardiologist in the world for one heart issue and then switch to a different one – less familiar with your unique heart – for another. Allowing Telesign to provide phone intelligence as well as phone verification enables the technology to benefit from increased exposure to—and therefore knowledge of—all that a phone number has going on. Simply put, if another company is providing the SMS or voice messaging service used to verify users, the phone number's activity during the verification process is valuable data that Intelligence doesn't get to see. If Intelligence doesn't have access to the data, that data can't be used to prevent fraud.

A More Cohesive User Experience

Score and Verify diagram

Telesign Intelligence assesses the riskiness of end-users through phone number intelligence and recommends whether to “allow, “flag,” or “block” that user based on their risk score. When Intelligence suggests a flag, the optional next step is to manually review the registration or transaction. When Intelligence suggests "allow," the optional next step is send a one-time passcode via SMS or voice message that the user then provides in order to verify their identity or transactional activity. This process works seamlessly when businesses trust Telesign to deliver the risk scoring and recommendation as well as the verification and authentication as a complete package.

Messaging Excellence

Telesign is unlike many other SMS or voice message service providers. We do not use grey routes, have higher completion rates, offer our service in more than 230 countries and territories worldwide with multi-language support, utilize an SMS waterfall system for optimizing traffic and maintain a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) status that has resulted in relationships with hundreds of telecommunication providers worldwide. Deploying a fraud prevention strategy that pairs Telesign Intelligence with other verification providers limits your business to only some of the benefits that Telesign has to offer. Take advantage of the most comprehensive end-user account security by tapping into our full platform of solutions.

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