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Better together: Intelligence and Verification with Telesign 

March 22, 2024

Telesign Team

As an industry leader in end-user verification, Telesign helps web and mobile applications verify their users every day through easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs.  While our best-in-class verification services can be used independently to build secure authentication experiences, it is even more valuable to pair our verification solutions with our Intelligence API, which provides companies with an added layer of defense against fraud attacks  

Telesign’s Intelligence API delivers a phone number risk recommendation using machine learning to analyze phone number data, enabling companies to make smarter decisions regarding which interactions to consider blocking and which interactions require further evaluation before processing.  

When companies use Telesign’s SMS Verify API in conjunction with Intelligence, they are implementing a comprehensive and reliable end-user account security solution that protects their customers and platform. 

Reliably verify your customers from around the world 

At its core, Telesign offers reliable and secure verification services that allow seamless user authentication across various digital platforms. Unlike many other SMS service providers, Telesign offers an extensive approach to meet diverse communication needs.  

We use high quality, direct-to-carrier routes that connect directly to thousands of carriers around the world and employ a waterfall approach across multiple routes to help ensure optimal delivery and conversion rates. Moreover, with our reliable global coverage, you can reach and ensure message delivery to customers in over 200 countries and territories and in 87 different languages.  

Detect fraud threats before authenticating 

When it comes to securing customer accounts while also protecting your platform, the key lies in harnessing the power of intelligence embedded within phone numbers.  

Telesign Intelligence leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to calculate a risk recommendation for a phone number, which is complemented by a set of insights and reason codes to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the phone number’s risk factors at that moment in time.  

When Intelligence provides a recommendation of “allow” for a phone number, the optional next step is to send a one-time passcode (OTP) via SMS message that the user then provides in order to verify their identity or transactional activity.  

By leveraging the Intelligence API in conjunction with the SMS Verify API, companies benefit from a seamless integration that delivers both phone number risk recommendation, and comprehensive verification and authentication. 

How Mamba uses Intelligence with SMS Verify  

Mamba is one of the largest dating sites in the world, with over 50,000 daily users, and operating in 50 countries across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. Fake account registration, spam, promotion abuse, inflated SMS costs, and identity proofing were all challenges Mamba faced. They needed a robust verification system to include in their security stack to keep potential fraudsters away while protecting their bottom line.  

Using Telesign’s SMS Verification and Intelligence, Mamba was able to deploy 
smarter, more secure onboarding and account integrity workflows. Telesign’s 
solutions helped Mamba simplify its onboarding process, resulting in increased conversion rates and a 50% reduction in verification costs.  

Telesign has helped Mamba increase its global reach, reduce promo abuse, minimize bot attacks and fake account registration, and provide high message delivery rates— allowing Mamba to save on operational costs, keep their end-users safe, and facilitate continued growth and brand trust. 

Try Intelligence and SMS Verify together with a free trial 

Take advantage of the most comprehensive end-user account security. Try both Intelligence and SMS Verify with a free trial account and tap into our full platform of solutions. 

Make sure to visit the Telesign Developer Center to learn more about how development teams can build and optimize their messaging and verification workflows with our APIs.