Mamba Increases SMS Deliveries With TeleSign

The Challenge

Operating in the mobile dating space, security is very important to Mamba. As such, it is vitally important to eliminate fake users and spam from their platform while making their verification process as streamlined as possible. One of the ways Mamba was doing verification was through SMS one time passcodes. (OTP) This means that at registration a customer is prompted to provide their phone number, a code is sent to that user with a 6-digit passcode that they then enter to verify their identity. Mamba had a problem. Their SMS verification partner was returning unacceptably low SMS delivery rates. Every time an SMS delivery failed, Mamba lost a potential user and someone ELSE lost out on a potential soulmate. They turned to TeleSign for help both with reducing costs and increasing successful deliveries.

TeleSign Delivered

Increased Sms Deliveries 15%

Lowered Verification Costs

Gained Access To World Class Support

The Solution

Mamba implemented TeleSign SMS Verify. Immediately, Mamba saw a 15% increase in their SMS deliveries, thus verifying more users and building the traffic on their platform. Additionally thanks to better routing Mamba also saved money with TeleSign. Mamba now deals with lower verification costs and higher SMS delivery rates thanks to their partnership with TeleSIgn. Their userbase can rest easy knowing that fraud has been alleviated from Mamba and now they can focus on what’s important, finding love.

By switching to TeleSign we saw our SMS delivery rates increase 10-15% thus helping us verify more users….TeleSign is the best company in the segment

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