How to Turn On 2FA for Wells Fargo

Please note: Specific instructions for enabling 2FA are subject to change without notice. Please check with each website or app for the most up-to-date information on this feature.

Wells Fargo offers "Advanced Access." This is an additional layer of security that helps protect your information and prevent unauthorized transactions. It is automatically enabled on your Wells Fargo banking accounts.

1. From time to time while you are conducting your online or mobile banking, Wells Fargo will determine that a particular transaction, a change to an account, or access to certain sensitive information will require a special access code before the action is allowed.

2. You’ll be able to select which phone(s) will receive the code, and whether you’d like a text message or a phone call.

3. You will then be prompted to click a button to request an access code from Wells Fargo.

4. You will then receive your access code as an SMS text message or via a phone call on your phone(s). You then enter and submit the code where indicated.

5. Your code is then verified, and if correct, you are permitted  to proceed with your transaction or request.

6. You can update your Advanced Access phone numbers in three steps:

  1. Log on to your account.
  2. Go to Account Services.
  3. Select the Manage Advanced Access link.

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