How to Turn On 2FA for USAA

Please note: Specific instructions for enabling 2FA are subject to change without notice. Please check with each website or app for the most up-to-date information on this feature.

USAA uses two-factor authentication in various ways to ensure secure and convenient logon methods. These include Secure Logon, CyberCode Tokens or Texts, Quick Logon, Biometrics and Computer Recognition.

1. Log in to your account and then go to the drop down menu My Profile and select Manage Security and Privacy Preferences.

2. Navigate to Logon Method >> Edit.

3. Choose how you’d like to log on to

CyberCode Tokens

A CyberCode token generates a unique security code every 30 seconds. With this token, you log on with a new password—made up of your PIN plus security code—every time.

To get started, download the mobile application by opening in your mobile browser. Activate your token and start using it immediately.

You can use your token by following the steps below:

  1. First, enter your Online ID
  2. Press the button on your keychain token or open the mobile application token to generate a random six-digit security code.
  3. In the password field, enter your PIN, followed by the security code.
  4. Long on and enjoy secure access to your accounts.

CyberCode Text is a security code (a random six-digit number sent to your mobile device through text message) that replaces your PIN.

  1. Log on with your Online ID and password as usual.
  2. Instead of entering a PIN, enter the unique code that you received by text message.

Quick Logon

Quick Logon can be enabled on your mobile devices. Instead of logging on with your Online ID, password, and PIN, simply enter your PIN to access your accounts. Quick Logon uses Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) technology to generate one-time security codes. A security code is used along with your PIN to log you on with a unique password each and every time.


Biometrics uses physical characteristics — like your face or voice — to provide an additional layer of security to verify your identity.

To set up biometrics:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Choose Quick Logon and follow the prompts.

You’ll need the USAA Mobile App and an iPhone, 4s or later, or Android, 4.0.3 or later.

Computer Recognition

Computer Recognition lets you tell USAA which computers you want trusted.

On a trusted computer, you continue to use your Online ID, password and PIN. But when your account is accessed from an untrusted computer, you will be prompted  an extra security measure:

  • Answer a security question that you’ve previously set up, or
  • Enter a security code that is sent to your mobile phone.

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