How to Turn On 2FA for SEB

Please note: Specific instructions for enabling 2FA are subject to change without notice. Please check with each website or app for the most up-to-date information on this feature.

When you visit SEB offices to become a customer, you will receive a Digipass. Digipass is a personal security device that you use to produce random one-time codes. The codes are needed when you log in to Internet banking, signing bills, or use other services that require extra security. One can say that the Digipass works the same way as your identification and signature when you bank in an office.

You must use a PIN to open your Digipass. When you received your Digipass from SEB, you choose your PIN immediately. It is recommended that you change your PIN periodically. To do so is a good protection against abuse of the Digipass, and of course is especially important if you think someone else might have picked up your code.

To use your Digipass to log into Internet banking, you must unlock it.

1. Visit in this case an SEB office and request an unlock code. Bring the Digipass and the identification.

2. Press the scroll button on your Digipass. The window displays a seven-digit code.

3. Press the scroll button again. The window now shows an entry field for eight digits.

4. Enter the unlock code. (If you accidentally enter the wrong number, press the arrow key. This clears the last digit.) In the window, the text NEW PIN appears, along with an input field for four numbers.

5. Enter the four-digit PIN code that you selected. The window will now show the text PIN CONF and an input field for four numbers.

6. Confirm your chosen PIN code by entering it again. The window will now display NEW PIN CONF; after a few seconds the text “APPLI” will appear. Your selected PIN code is now registered. Your Digipass is now activated and you can use it to log into Internet banking.

7. Use your Digipass to develop a signature consisting of six digits. On the screen you will find instructions on how to do this. Fill in the signature and click “Apply.”

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