How to Turn On 2FA for PushCoin

Please note: Specific instructions for enabling 2FA are subject to change without notice. Please check with each website or app for the most up-to-date information on this feature.

The U2F Security Key is a specially designed hardware token that keeps your PushCoin account more secure than ever. The Security Key is durable, conveniently sized and works with any browser that supports the FIDO U2F protocol. With Security Key, there’s no looking at codes and re-typing―you simply insert your Security Key into your computer’s USB port when asked.

To use the U2F Security Key, you need the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers will be supported in the near future.

1. Purchase a FIDO U2F Security Key device. Devices are for sale on Amazon and other online retailers.

2. Enter your usual username and password in the login field.


3. Add a Security Key to your account.



4. Insert your Security Key in a USB port when asked. Touch the button on the Security Key to generate your secure login credentials.


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