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Protect your customers and business from account takeovers

In today’s hyperconnected world, customer trust is not a preference—it’s an expectation. If your customer accounts are compromised by an account takeover (ATO) attack, customers will lose trust in your brand and might switch to a competitor.

There are five factors fueling ATOs:

  • Data breaches: Which are an increasing threat, and often in the news.
  • Fraud automation: Fraudsters and the tools they use are getting more sophisticated.
  • Social engineering: Techniques such as phishing exploit human weakness and can expose businesses to fraud.Expansion in digital banking services: Financial services have undergone a digital transformation, and more consumers are transacting online.
  • Weakness of legacy fraud controls: The old way of detecting fraud hasn’t kept pace with the evolving tactics used by fraudsters.

ATO can be challenging to detect, but not with Telesign. We help businesses around the world proactively defend against these sophisticated attacks by employing a multilayered fraud defense

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