Telesign for Gaming

Bring your a-game to fraud prevention

Play better together with an experience your customers can trust. Increase account security for customers around the globe by building end-user risk scoring, verification, and real-time communications into online gaming experiences. Learn why the largest gaming companies in the world choose Telesign.
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Onboarding workflows

Secure gaming for every user 

Keep fake users out of the game. Protect your platform against promotion, referral, communications fraud, and a degraded gaming experience. Telesign makes it easy to detect, block, and flag fake users at scale in milliseconds by challenging risky users at sign-up.

Onboarding workflows - GAMING
Account Integrity

Keep your customers, their accounts, and investments secure

Win over genuine users while keeping bad actors at bay. Protect your community and your customers from account takeovers, fraudulent transactions, promo abuse, and fake users. Integrate a multi-layered approach to detecting suspicious behavior for safe and secure gaming using Verification, Intelligence, and Phone ID. Unlock a new layer of security by identifying risky users before they enter your gaming community.

Account Integrity - GAMING
Omnichannel experiences

Gameplan for reaching customers at every stage

Turn new users into loyal customers. Telesign enables you to weave in high-quality, real-time customer communication into your gaming experience to help reach users on the channels they prefer. Reach your users directly on any channel, to update them on new product launch updates, game releases, bill payment reminders, suspicious account activity, and much more.

Omnichannel experiences - GAMING

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