End-User Verification

Voice Verify API

An API that enables voice messaging for account security and business critical communications.

Secure and Engage Your User Base

Ensuring the validity of your users is extremely important in preventing fraud. A great way to do that is to attach a verified phone number to end-user accounts, ideally when they first register. From there, communicate more effectively and provide timely, personalized information in the form of voice-based alerts, reminders, notifications, invites and other automated messages.


Verifies users and transactions in real-time, anywhere in the world using out-of-band voice messaging.


Properly formats phone number entered by end-user to ensure greater global delivery.


Blocks voice-based passcode message from being sent to an answering machine, mitigating unnecessary verification costs.


Checks in real-time to determine if a phone number is being diverted via call forwarding to allow you to then block, allow or require additional user challenges for verification.

*Check with your sales representative for availability in your area.


Configures an ideal caller ID number to be displayed to ensure number is recognizable by the end-user.


Helps ensure voice message delivery to end-users in more than 200 countries and territories.


Gain access to text-to-speech automated messaging in 26 languages and dialects when delivering voice-based passcodes to consumers— providing a more local presence virtually anywhere in the world.


Protect End-User Accounts

Secures accounts from compromise using voice-based OTPs on any phone type, on a global scale.

Protect Account Access & Verify Transactions

Seamlessly authenticates users as they make account changes and high-value transactions such as accessing credit card details, transferring funds or making bill payments.

Reach Landline Phones

Enables global reach of users who do not wish to receive SMS-based messages and/or provided a number that is not equipped to receive them.

Developer Friendly APIs

Easy to test, integrate and get up & running quickly. Clear documentation, developer center and reporting.

Providing current and future ShareFile customers with the capability to leverage multifactor authentication to protect access to their sensitive data is a best practice that is quickly becoming industry standard and personally gives me peace of mind.

Manny Landron, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Citrix ShareFile

How It Works

The following is one example of how to use the product to verify the identity of a user creating a new account.

The user registers for an account on your website and enters their phone number.
TeleSign checks the type of phone number provided and determines it is a landline.
TeleSign also identifies the country the user resides in and sends an OTP voice message to the number provided in the language appropriate for the user.
The user enters the correct passcode on the login screen.
The passcode entered is the same code that was sent to the user, so the user is verified.
The user is then able to complete the account registration process.

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