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Verify API simplifies authentication at scale

To prevent fraud and secure your customers’ accounts from takeover, Telesign makes it easy to deliver multifactor authentication anywhere in the world with the highest reliability and completion rates. Verify your new accounts with SMS and voice one-time pass codes (OTPs) or deliver a frictionless authentication experience with Silent Verification.

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  • Prevent fraud
  • Safeguard transactions
  • Identify risk

Verify with ease

With the influx of bots, spam, and fraudsters, authenticating your customers is critical to your business. Telesign makes it easy to verify your customers’ digital identities and to recognize when they are at risk and prevent unauthorized access, account takeovers, and fraud.

Prevent fraud

Protect your business from International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) attack with our automated traffic monitoring to help.

Safeguard transactions

Verify users and transactions in real-time, worldwide, using out-of-band messaging, or silent verification.

Identify risk

Perform fraud risk assessments before sending authentication messages to identify and block high-risk users.

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SMS Verify

Mitigate risk and streamline authentication. Verify customers with multifactor authentication (MFA) on high-quality SMS or voice routes for trusted delivery of your OTPs anywhere in the world.

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Silent Verification

Reduce friction and improve your verification speed. Authenticate new and existing customers behind the scenes and deliver a safer, more seamless customer experience.

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Verify Plus

Verify your customers with an added layer of protection. Conduct risk-based assessments to detect fraudulent threats before sending a time-based, one-time passcode (OTP) over SMS.

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