Amount streamlined new user onboarding and digital identity verification for financial institutions with TeleSign's help

The Challenge

The banking industry has gradually shifted away from the brick-and-mortar, branch-centric model. It is crucial for banks to digitize their operations to enable customers to transact on the go - anytime, anywhere. Many financial institutions are looking to create frictionless front-end user experiences, but these efforts may leave gaps in protecting consumer information.

TeleSign Delivered

Increase in conversion & sign-ups

Up to 85% of applicants identified through self-service

Reduced risk of fraud

The Solution

To create an ecosystem with layers of security and protection, Amount has integrated several data providers into its tech stack to aid banks’ verification process. Using an identification process that uses digital identity signals, Amount’s partners can improve the customer experience for the best customers while decreasing the impact of fraud on the financial institution. TeleSign verification APIs are used to deliver identity intelligence based on phone numbers, traffic patterns, machine learning, and global data consortium.

“TeleSign has been a fantastic partner - responsive, thoughtful, and forward-thinking. We are pleased to team up with TeleSign and look forward to deepening our partnership.”

John Lynch

Sr. Director, Fraud & Verification Services

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