Minimize risk with comprehensive fraud prevention

Plug mobile identity data into your internal fraud models to keep your customers and business safe.

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Stop Communications Fraud
End Promotion Abuse
Reduce Card Not Present Fraud
Communications Fraud

Hang up on fraudsters

IRSF and toll fraud are a growing financial risk. Rely on international telco traffic, a global data consortium, and machine learning to eliminate communication fraud and reduce your unwanted robocalls.

Promotion Abuse

Put an end to promotion and coupon abuse

Promo abuse attacks your bottom line. Crackdown on coupon abuse, free trail loopholes, and referral fraud to recover revenue and lower your customer acquisition costs.

Card not present fraud

Minimize fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

Fraudulent transactions cause revenue, inventory, investment, and reputation loss. Keep your business and customers safe by challenging suspicious purchases and high-value transactions to ensure they're legitimate.

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“At Affirm, we have the best algorithms for evaluating financial risk, and TeleSign has the best digital identity data to recognize possible fraud.”

Head of Financial Partnerships
How TeleSign completes the Affirm tech stack
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Connect and protect the customer experience

Industry Focus

From new registrations, to removing fake accounts, you can reduce friction and take loyalty to the next level.
On-demand Services
From ride share, to food delivery, you can validate users for a seamless experience.
Media & Entertainment
Grow your user base and protect your platform fake users and phishing attempts.
Financial Services
Know who your customer is, verify legitimate account holders and provide a hassle- free service experience
Working from home is now the norm. Make sure you can authenticate remote employees
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