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Dedicated Short Code Registration

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Dedicated Short Codes

Recently, the major U.S. carriers have announced new restrictions for sending SMS in the U.S. U.S. carriers plan to deprecate shared short codes. A shared short code is a 5-6 digit number managed by Telesign which carries traffic from multiple customers. Carriers are now requiring each brand to obtain their own dedicated senderID, meaning a shared short code managed by Telesign will no longer be possible. Therefore, all existing shared short codes are now required to register as one of the following:

To help ensure continuous delivery of SMS, please begin the Dedicated Short Code registration process by completing the “DSC Registration” form at the button above. Once the completed form is received, our teams will begin the registration process with the operators on your behalf. The registration time may vary depending on the campaign.

For more information you can read the “10DLC QA” or see the comparison chart below. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and assistance throughout this process.

10DLCs, Toll free and dedicated short code numbers compared
Sender ID Features
2way Support
Use Case
Handset Delivery Receipts Support
Canadian Reach
Voice Support
Minimum Lease Term
Provisioning Time
10 DLC
Format10-digit phone number
ThroughputDetermined by “reputation” score in The Campaign Registry (brand + campaign type)
2way SupportYes
Handset Delivery Receipts SupportNo
Canadian ReachNo
Voice SupportInbound: Yes
Outbound: Yes
ComplianceSubject to carrier filtering. Must register brand and campaign with Carriers to prevent number shut down. CTIA and TCPA Best Practices.
Minimum Lease Term3 months
Provisioning Time3-5 business days
Fees$7 setup fee, $17 monthly fee
Toll Free Number
Format Distinct three-digit code (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833)
ThroughputVaries upon request
2way SupportYes
Use CaseOTP, ARN, MKT (MKT with restrictions)
Handset Delivery Receipts SupportYes
Canadian ReachYes
Voice SupportInbound: Yes
Outbound: No
ComplianceFCC, TCPA Best Practices
Minimum Lease Termn/a
Provisioning Time2-3 weeks
Fees$1.50 setup fee, $1.50 monthly fee Customer owned TFN:$1.50 monthly fee
Dedicated Short Code
Format5 or 6-digit phone number
Throughput100+ msg/sec can be increased upon request
2way SupportYes
Use CaseOTP, ARN, MKT; suggested for higher volumes
Handset Delivery Receipts SupportYes
Canadian ReachNo - must buy CA DSC
Voice SupportInbound: No
Outbound: No
ComplianceCTIA and TCPA Best Practices. Opt-out support is required for recurring messages campaigns.
Minimum Lease Term3 months
Provisioning Time8-12 weeks
FeesRandom: $0 setup fee;$1000 monthly fee. Vanity: $0 setup fee; $1500 monthly fee

Dedicated Short Code Registration

  • 1 Download the request form for the appropriate country using the buttons below

  • 2 Share an answer for each item on the checklist.

  • 3 Email [email protected] the completed answers to the checklist along with the following:

    • checkmarck violet

      If you currently manage and pay for the lease of your own short code, please attach your SC lease receipt to this email.

    • checkmarck violet

      Screenshots of the web opt-in flow and/or keyword opt-in flow