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Fight fraud, increase customer trust

At Telesign, we exist to make the digital world a more trustworthy place for everyone. It’s at the heart of everything we do and the reason behind our commitment to ensuring Continuous Trust™ throughout the customer journey—from onboarding and sign-up to login through logout and beyond.


Engage your customers securely and easily, at every touchpoint, to build trust. Connect and inform through timely, reliable and consistent communications that are flexible, interactive and personalized.


Fight new account fraud and reduce friction. It's easy to authenticate users, evaluate risks, and validate accounts globally with the right digital identity and verification solution.

Fraud Prevention

Stay ahead of evolving fraud with solutions that protect consumers and your brand. Strike the right balance between security and experience through every step of the customer journey.

Account Integrity

Give your customers the protection they need and an experience they can trust. Adopt a proactive, multilayered approach to detect suspicious behavior and prevent account takeovers.

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