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Introducing the Telesign Trust Engine and Omnichannel Experiences

August 29, 2022

Telesign Team
An illustration of Telesign's newest digital products.

Trust is a powerful force. Customers are 7x more likely to buy from a brand they trust. But as Newton’s third law proved: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When trust is lost, customers leave. 85% of consumers report they will avoid using a brand they distrust.

In today’s crowded markets, consumers make purchases based on trust, reputation, and loyalty.

Trust is the enabler of behavior and the currency of commerce. Businesses that earn trust thrive, and those that don’t struggle.

At Telesign, our mission is to make the digital world a safer place-where trust is continuous. We empower you to create a happier and healthier digital experience for your customers. We make Continuous Trust™ a reality. That’s why we exist.

Introducing our two new product families: The Telesign Trust Engine and Omnichannel Experiences

Empowering you to strengthen the trust you build with your customers is at the forefront of everything we create. And as we make enhancements to meet the always-changing digital identity and fraud prevention landscape, it’s important that we share not just the what but also the why, so you can understand our go-to-market strategy and what it means for you.

We’re excited to introduce two new product families: Telesign Trust Engine and Omnichannel Experiences.

Why Telesign Trust Engine?

Fraud is increasingly common, costly, and complex. With billions of targets and trillions of dollars at stake, fraudsters have hit their stride. 2021 was the first time that successful fraud attempts outnumbered those prevented.

To protect your business-and your customers-you need a dynamic, multi-layer fraud prevention stack. The Telesign Trust Engine brings together our dynamic risk-based assessment, global digital identity datasets, and multifactor authentication to help you protect and defend your enterprise.

Telesign Trust Engine includes:

  • Intelligence, formerly known as Score, helps you assess the risk of every interaction.
  • Identity, the parent for our Phone ID products, allows you to evaluate global consumer data points and identity signals.
  • Verification, the parent for our authentication products, helps you complete multifactor authentication workflows to keep your customers and their accounts protected.

Why Omnichannel Experiences?

Trust is more than safety. In today’s digital world, communication across the customer journey is dynamic and critical.

Customers want to engage with brands across multiple channels throughout their lifecycle. When consumers can use their preferred communication channels, more than half are likely to recommend, buy more, or make a first-time purchase.

Omnichannel Experiences empower you to reach and engage your customers on the channels they trust.

Omnichannel Experiences include:

  • Messaging, made up of our SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Viber channels, helps you deliver alerts, reminders, and notifications, facilitate two-way conversations, and communicate anonymously with your customers.
  • Voice helps you build fast, reliable, and secure application-to-person, person-to-application, and person-to-person voice applications directly into web and mobile platforms.

When you’ll see the changes

You’ll first start to see the updates on our website and technical documentation. Later this year, you will see the changes in your customer portal and invoices.

Rest assured, your current product experience will not be affected by this name change and will provide us room to continually improve as we add resources and expertise to our products and their families.

The products you use today will continue to help you assess risk, prevent fraud, and verify and engage your customers.

These changes are a direct follow-up to our May rebrand and underscore Telesign’s mission to build solutions that make it easier for you to create trusted experiences across your customer journey.