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What are transactional emails and why are they so important?

September 26, 2023

Telesign Team
A smartphone with a verification code.

Transactional emails are a critical business tool used to notify users of important information.

Telesign has announced a new transactional email integration via our Omnichannel Messaging API.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are messages sent to users in response to some type of action the user has triggered on their end. These emails are automated, and often come in response to user interaction on a website or app.

This important information includes order confirmations, notifications, shipping updates, and more. Sometimes, a transactional email can notify a user when an irregular transaction has taken place.

How do transactional emails differ from marketing emails?

A marketing email is a message sent to customers with the ultimate goal of eliciting a sale through a discount, reward, offer, new services, future releases, new products, and more. A marketing email can also be a periodic update concerning your company, including changes to services and products, or to your brand.

A transactional email, on the other hand, is in response to an action taken by the recipient.

Benefits of transactional emails

In order for companies to maintain engagement along the customer journey, they need to communicate with customers in an efficient way. Transactional emails help organizations provide direct, open communication of important updates. Because they bring important information to customers in a timely fashion, transactional emails:

  • Strengthen customer communication
  • Boost campaign communications
  • Promote stronger customer relationships and trust

The power of transactional emails

Transactional emails have an average open rate that is 50% higher than traditional marketing emails.

Transactional email use cases

Here are some of the main ways transactional emails are utilized:

  • Reminders. Send messages that let customers know they have an action to be completed, such as a renewal date or meeting time.
  • Password resets. Instantly deliver password reset messages to users, preventing extended periods where users are unable to access accounts, which could have numerous consequences.
  • Verification. Send a verification notice to users to protect the security of their account.
  • Confirmations. When a customer has completed an action, such as a form fill, subscription change, or new order, send them an email letting them know it has gone through correctly.

Telesign’s transactional email

Telesign now lets customers leverage email as a channel through our Omnichannel Messaging API. This allows customers to streamline workflows and save time.

Transactional email pairs well with SMS and OTT messaging, adding a widely-adopted channel for reaching customers.

At Telesign, we believe transactional email will supercharge the Omnichannel Messaging API, allowing our customers to build more flexible, scalable communication frameworks.

To learn more about our transactional messaging API, click here.