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Telesign and RapidAPI: A Match Made in Heaven

July 11, 2019

Telesign Team
Telesign + rapidApi logo lockup

By this point you are aware that Telesign has the greatest APIs in the world. Our mobile identity, communication and verification products are among the most popular in the world. And with our RCS API launching in less than a week it’s a very exciting time here at Telesign HQ. But what you might NOT know, is that Telesign partners with some of the most influential API marketplaces in the world to further solidify our commitment to the developer community. One of those such partners is RapidAPI.

Getting to know RapidAPI

RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace where more than a million developers and engineers connect to thousands of APIs including those of Telesign. RapidAPI is experiencing a very interesting period of growth. About a year ago, they announced a partnership with Rakuten to empower developers in the Japan/Asia market. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago RapidAPI secured $25 million in funding from M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund. All told, the RapidAPI library contains 10,000 APIs in 175 countries and billions of API calls per month, this is exciting traction for the API hub and something that should pique the interest of developers, innovators and creators all over the world. Want to try out Telesign APIs through RapidAPI? Perhaps our SMS API that is one of their most competitively priced? It’s easy to get started. With a simple UI, docs and code snippets integration is incredibly easy and fast. In fact, RapidAPI automatically generates interactive docs letting users test your API right from a browser and begin consuming it with a single click. Furthermore, RapidAPI handles your authentication and user management for you. They authenticate every API call so you don’t have to and provide detailed analytics that will help you optimize your product.

Available Telesign APIs on RapidAPI

  • SMS Verify
  • Voice Verify
  • Phone ID
  • Phone ID Contact Add-on
  • Intelligence

Down the line RapidAPI and Telesign will be co-sponsoring hackathons, conference booths, happy hours and many more fun initiatives. So stay tuned and follow Telesign and RapidAPI on social media to see when we’ll be in you town.To start building your next website or app, head over to RapidAPI’s site and start browsing the Telesign APIs where the limit to what you can create is only bound by your own imagination. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

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