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How SMS notifications take the stress out of flight delays

May 18, 2019

Telesign Team
A person receiving a flight log status on their smartphone.

With nearly 20% of U.S. flights delayed or canceled in 2016, flight delays are an unavoidable part of air travel. Inclement weather, security issues, and mechanical problems are just a few of the events that can wreak havoc on a passenger’s travel experience. But while many delays are beyond anyone’s control, there are options for airlines that want more control over how travelers react to flight delays, and to improve the customer experience.

That’s where Telesign comes in. With Telesign, you can revolutionize your passenger notification system with an SMS messaging API that will increase customer satisfaction across the board. SMS alerts can help take the stress out of flight delays, and keep disappointed passengers from bogging down your customer service desk.

Telesign is your SMS partner

Email communication typically provides an open rate of just 20%, while SMS text messages hits almost 98%. Text messages are the way to go. This direct line of preferred communications allows you to reach and engage with your customers instantly. Travelers understand that delays happen – it’s the not knowing they find frustrating. With an easy-to-integrate API, Telesign’s SMS capabilities enable airlines to keep their  customers in-the-know quickly and efficiently through automated workflows.

Here are some examples of the information you can communicate via SMS in the event of a flight delay or cancellation:

  • Notify passengers about flight changes as they occur
  • Send food coupons or vouchers to stranded passengers
  • Update passengers on rescheduled departure times
  • Inform passengers of seat changes or upgrades
  • Dispatch gate change notifications
  • Send weather reports when the cause of delay is weather related
  • Confirm hotel bookings for passengers experiencing overnight delays or flight cancellations
  • Convey personalized, critical travel updates

Benefits of an SMS messaging system

Telesign’s SMS messaging API offers a number of universal benefits to airlines that want to provide top-of-the-line communication options for their customers.

Instant Delivery.

SMS enables delivery of information in real time. Ninety percent of customers are likely to read a text message within three minutes of receipt in contrast to email, in which only twenty percent of messages are even read.


SMS messages can be personalized based on the needs of the individual and can be connected to existing automated workflows. Connectivity. With SMS, users don’t need to be internet-connected to view an important message, which can be very useful for customers who are traveling internationally with limited internet access.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Communicating directly with customers right at the time they need information leads to improved customer experiences and overall satisfaction rates. Happy customers refer more customers to your business. Improve your communications with airline travelers using SMS-based alerts via Telesign’s SMS Messaging API.

We provide delivery in more than 200 countries in 87 languages, which means you have the power to take the sting out of flight delays no matter when or where they occur. Contact Telesign today, and let us help you take your passenger communication to the next level.