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RCS Through the E-commerce Funnel

July 8, 2020

Telesign Team
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Pop Quiz, which of these is a more engaging?

RCS messages

Hopefully, if you work in e-commerce, you understand the value in branding and delivering your customers an abundance of timely information, therefore leading you to pick option B.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) has been around for quite some time. Still, enterprise brands, specifically in the e-commerce space, are discovering new ways to leverage this exciting technology throughout the entirety of the customer funnel. Not only does RCS provide platforms an opportunity to display marketing messages and open a new revenue stream, but it is also a more cost-effective way to increase conversions and boost ROI.Let’s look at a single e-commerce transaction and discover all the ways to leverage RCS vs. traditional SMS communication.

Meet Joanne. Joanne just moved into a new apartment and needs a new TV. In doing her research, she found that Electronics4U carries the model she wants.Joanne registers on Electronics4U, and when verifying her account, she receives the following RCS message.

Welcome to Electronics4U Joanne; your code is 48751.”

It looks like a standard Push verification with a one touch experience, but it’s personalized for Joanne and contains branding.Joanne enters the code and starts shopping. She finds the TV that she was interested in and proceeds to purchase it.Immediately, Joanne receives her order confirmation and receipt in an RCS message.

RCS messages in Ecommerce

After purchasing her TV, Electronics4U sends Joanne suggestions for a TV mounts that will work with the TV she just bought presented in a carousel format. Joanne can scroll through the RCS message and choose the mount that she likes and purchase without ever leaving the messaging app.The next day, Joanne gets another branded RCS message from Electronics4U, it’s a shipping update. It contains a picture of the items she purchased and a map of the products while in transit. She can also interact with a chatbot in the message if she needs to delay or alter her shipping.

RCS messages with carousel

Joanne’s TV arrives later in the week, and she gets another branded RCS message informing her of the delivery. She opens her door, sees her new TV and mount, installs it, and is watching Friends on her favorite streaming service by dinner time. A few weeks later, Joanne is sent an RCS message with a carousel of Sound Bars that would complement her TV. Also, they’re 30% off because of a Labor Day Sale! Again, Joanne can complete the purchase in her RCS message without logging back on to her Electronics4U account. Joanne can also interact directly with the RCS message asking for customer service, this can be confirmed with a read receipt.

In one purchase, Electronics4U was able to use RCS to confirm Joanne’s registration, confirm her order, up-sell an additional item, send shipping, tracking, and marketing messages. All of these are sent with Electronics4U branding, photos, and emojis that lead to a more personalized experience and increase the likelihood of conversion. It also removed friction by allowing Joanne to complete additional transactions within the RCS message, just charging her card on file. And now, Joanne can be contacted whenever Electronics4U has a promotion, leveraging a direct call to action within the message to boost her lifetime customer value. With a satisfied customer in Joanne, Electronics4U has an engaged customer, who will likely spread good word of mouth.

This example was just one story of an e-commerce transaction. RCS can be utilized across nearly every industry anytime a platform wants to communicate with their users directly. Telesign’s RCS solution is now available throughout North America, the UK, France, Brazil, and Colombia.

Telesign has been connecting and protecting online experiences for over 15 years. We support the largest web properties in the world and we’re prepared to help you. Contact Telesign to learn more about how you can leverage our digital identity and programmable communications solutions to maximize your customer’s lifetime value”