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3 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe During Coronavirus

The world is involved in a global pandemic. Many of us are working from home and practicing various forms of social distancing and self-quarantine to keep one another safe. Unfortunately, there is one group of folks that is working overtime right now; fraudsters. Yes, a fraudster will take any opportunity to exploit a situation for … Continued

Digital Identity for Onboarding Protection

As a business owner, are you constantly trying to thread the needle between verifying your users and streamlining your registration process to decrease churn? While phone-based verification is a great starting point for onboarding authentication, TeleSign offers more robust solutions beyond standard 2FA that ensure a safe experience for all of your users. This guide … Continued

Digital Hygiene: 5 Ways to Stay Safe

The year is 2020, but as we have seen time and again, fraud continues to be at an all-time high. As cybersecurity evolves, fraudsters stay one step ahead with more elaborate schemes such as IRSF fraud or SIM Swap, in addition to standard account takeover. TeleSign uses mobile identity to help companies protect all of … Continued

What is a Digital Twin?

You may have heard the phrase ‘digital twin’ on your favorite tech podcast or publication. It’s a buzzword in connected devices and the internet of things (IoT). So what is a digital twin? Is it an interactive computer rendering of one’s own personality? The next generation of imaginary friend? No, a digital twin is a … Continued

How Synthetic Identity Fraud Works

What is a synthetic identity? When you hear the phrase ‘synthetic identity’ you may assume it means a persona that is fake or made up. You would be half right. Think about a synthetic diamond grown in a lab. Yes, it’s chemically engineered. It’s cheaper than a rock pulled from a mine. But it still … Continued


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