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Upgrade from Facebook Account Kit to TeleSign

Account Kit is Gone, Now What? If you are a developer or the business owner of a web property, you have long been aware of the importance of verifying your users using multifactor authentication (2FA) to keep both your platform and your users safe. A popular way to do this has been to utilize Facebook’s … Continued

What is a Digital Twin?

You may have heard the phrase ‘digital twin’ on your favorite tech podcast or publication. It’s a buzzword in connected devices and the internet of things (IoT). So what is a digital twin? Is it an interactive computer rendering of one’s own personality? The next generation of imaginary friend? No, a digital twin is a … Continued

How Synthetic Identity Fraud Works

What is a synthetic identity? When you hear the phrase ‘synthetic identity’ you may assume it means a persona that is fake or made up. You would be half right. Think about a synthetic diamond grown in a lab. Yes, it’s chemically engineered. It’s cheaper than a rock pulled from a mine. But it still … Continued


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