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If you’re securing end-user accounts using phone verification and two-factor authentication (2FA), you need to know what to look for in an application to person (A2P) SMS partner.  Ensuring the delivery of security-based messaging, like one-time passcodes, is mission-critical and best practices aren’t the same as general SMS traffic.  Learn more about what to look for in our new, FREE eGuide.

In “How to Select a Security-Based Messaging Partner,” we outline six key features to consider when choosing a mission-critical messaging partner for your business.

Text messaging (or SMS) is a key part of business operations for companies in virtually every industry, worldwide. The reality today is that all new online accounts or downloaded mobile apps requiring a user to log in are susceptible to fraudulent activity. Sending mission-critical, security messages like two-factor authentication codes, transaction verifications and password resets – on a global scale – demands both real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. It’s important for businesses to consider a solution provider with a solid infrastructure and dedicated, experienced operational resources.

Businesses today need to partner with a solution provider that has a proven global infrastructure and operations to optimize delivery routes and minimize message latency.

This eGuide will discuss six key features security-based SMS providers should include:

  1. Phone Number Intelligence
  2. No Mixed Traffic
  3. Experienced and Reliable Support
  4. Accurate Delivery (and Completion) Reports
  5. Operational Excellence
  6. End-User Focus

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