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Enable two-factor authentication on popular sites

January 29, 2013

Telesign Team
Enable two-factor authentication on popular sites

I’ll start with a big thank you to C|Net author Dennis O’Reilly for putting together this list.

The advice is clear, to protect our accounts and our identity we must turn on two-factor authentication for every account that requires a password. Take O’Reilly’s advice and turn on 2FA for all the accounts he references and any others that offer this protection.

Excerpt from ‘How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Popular Sites“…for online banking and other Web transactions, two-factor authentication is the most practical protection available. The number of big-name services supporting two-factor authentication continues to grow: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, LastPass, and Dropbox are among the sites that let you require two-factor authentication to sign into your account from unverified computers and devices.”

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