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Exploring Our Self-Service Customer Portal

Telesign Team June 25, 2018
Telesign Self Service Portal

Our team is always working on improvements to our self-service customer portal to ensure that creating an account, browsing through the portal, testing and deploying our products is as seamless and easy for our customers as possible. Here are some highlights of recent updates.

Getting Started

After signing in or signing up, you will be redirected to the portal dashboard where you will find an intuitive onboarding guide – labeled “Getting Started” – which lists all the steps necessary to complete in order to explore the full potential of Telesign products within the portal. When you click “Get Started,” you will see a pop-up window which prompts you to verify your phone number and email address. After completing these steps, you will receive an API key, which is required for authorization when using Telesign APIs. The “Getting Started” guide then takes you through the complete process of installing an SDK and creating code for the desired programming language and use case selected during account registration. After finishing the guide and following the simple steps, you are all set to run your program and complete your first message send or data lookup.Note: When you first sign up with a self-service account, you will be in a trial account status. Using this, you can only send messages to verified phone numbers. If you need to test other phone numbers, you can do so by visiting, where you can add more numbers.


Self-service customers can easily review Telesign’s pricing for each available product, by country, within their account dashboard. Simply click on “Billing” from the side menu and select “Pricing” from the drop down options.

Self Service Portal

Dashboard Home

You can always find the “Getting Started” guide on top of the “Home” section, which also houses your customer ID and API key (once generated) and a handy section for viewing/copying the necessary code to integrate Telesign APIs into your program. On this page you can find all the information you need to try out Telesign products available within the portal. In the “Quick Starts” menu, you can choose different Telesign products you would like to try and create code to perform the following functions:

  • Send an SMS Message
  • Check a Phone Number’s Fraud Risk
  • Add Two-Factor Authentication (SMS or Voice)
  • Send a Voice Message
  • Get Phone Number Identity Attributes

If you feel more comfortable doing a speed test of an API, with less code, you can choose the Curl option from the programming language drop down menu located on the right and copy the code into your terminal. Apart from the main section of the dashboard, you can find other useful links to documentation and detailed videos – in specific languages – that explain the process of integrating our APIs into your application.

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