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Telesign Partners with BehavioSec

January 20, 2016

Telesign Team

Los Angeles, Jan 20, 2016 – Telesign, the leader in mobile identity solutions, today announced a new partnership with BehavioSec, the leading provider of behavioral biometric solutions for multi-layered authentication and verification. This initiative will bring additional capabilities to Telesign’s mobile identity solutions for securing end-user accounts, preventing fraud and delivering continuous user verification and assurance.

Under the terms of the agreement, Telesign will leverage BehavioSec technology which monitors and analyzes keystrokes, mouse movements and touch-based input on mobile devices to augment existing verification solutions. The addition of this technology will expand Telesign’s continuous verification capabilities within customer-owned Web and mobile applications to further reduce friction and ensure end-user authenticity without sacrificing user experience.

“Telesign is the brand that the world’s largest web properties, banks and mobile applications turn to for account security and fraud prevention,” said Neil Costigan, CEO BehavioSec. “The combination of our technologies can preserve the highest level of account security for our customers, while removing complexity for the end user. Together we can help alleviate authentication pain points and provide continuous verification in a way that is transparent to the end-user, to bring increased assurance and reduced fraud.

“In today’s high-risk digital world, passwords are no longer enough to secure online and mobile accounts. Telesign and BehavioSec are combining multiple identity assessment layers and leveraging rich identity data and intelligence to bring the next generation of authentication technologies to market.

“We predict that assessing the legitimacy of a user’s identity to prevent fraud and protect user accounts will remain one of the top business challenges of 2016 and beyond,” said Steve Jillings, CEO Telesign. “BehavioSec specializes in creating a virtual fingerprint for each user based on their behavioral usage patterns on mobile devices and computers. This concept plays directly into a key pillar of Telesign’s Mobile Identity strategy, which leverages the mobile number, device and behavior of a user to help identify that a user is who they say they are. This new partnership will bring about the next generation in helping protect our customers’ ecosystems.”

This new agreement will lead the way in authentication services with a focus on making these transactions as easy or “frictionless” for the end-user as possible. The resulting new features and products are targeted for release in the first half of 2016.

About Telesign
Telesign is the leader in mobile identity solutions, helping customers secure more than 3.5 billion end user accounts worldwide and prevent registration fraud, while improving user experience and managing costs. Telesign delivers account security and fraud prevention with two-factor authentication based on each user’s mobile identity (phone number, device and behavior) and driven by real-time, global intelligence, including reputation scoring and device data. To find out more, visit or follow us on Twitter – @Telesign.

About BehavioSec
BehavioSec transforms behavior into a transparent additional layer of security by monitoring in real time the way users interact with their devices. BehavioSec’s technology recognizes if a conflicting user is operating a device by monitoring the environment, rhythms, and interaction patterns that are unique to each user.The solution is designed to enhance security without impacting the user experience. It is currently deployed across Northern Europe retail banks protecting over 1.5B+ transactions per year. Find out more at