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Telesign Launches the The Continuous Trust™ Authority to Make the Digital World a More Trusted Place

May 10, 2023

Telesign Team

LOS ANGELES – May 10, 2023 –Telesign, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, today announced the Continuous TrustTM Authority — a new global initiative to help make the digital world a safer place. Consumers want to trust the brands they love, and brands want to build trusted digital platforms that their customers can rely on. However, trust can be elusive in the digital world, and staying ahead of fraud detection and prevention strategies can be challenging.  

As a brand built on trust, Telesign recognized a significant gap in the industry: a lack of leadership focused on what trust means to consumers and the impact it has on brands. To address this gap, Telesign has launched its new initiative that builds on its mission of providing Continuous Trust™ and puts tangible actions behind those words.  

 “We understand that building trust is a collaborative effort and we’re proud to partner with our customers to create a safer and more secure business environment,” said Kristi Melani, Telesign CMO & GTM Strategy. “By working together, we can combat fraud and other risks, to help the digital world become a more trustworthy place for everyone.” 

The Continuous Trust™ Authority was developed by Telesign to help shape a new digital future that allows people to conduct business online safely and without fear of data or digital theft. The Continuous Trust™ Authority aims to provide a collection of resources, insights, and experts working together to offer a deeper understanding into the critical role of trust in the digital economy.  

Over the next few months, the Continuous Trust™ Authority will introduce new components globally, including:  

  • Trust Index – A first-of-its kind annual study that examines the critical role that trust plays in the digital world and the expectations end users have around safety from the brands they interact with. 
  • Trust Certified Badge – A program that allows Telesign customers to display a badge, indicating that they have employed powerful fraud prevention standards to protect end-users.  
  • Trust Alliance – A group of thought leaders, including Chief Trust Officers and other experts in the trust and digital identity spaces, who share best practices on fraud detection and prevention to inspire innovation and help brands develop more trusted digital platforms. 

Businesses interested in exploring the Continuous Trust™ Authority can visit here for more information.  

About Telesign 
Telesign provides  Continuous Trust™ to leading global enterprises by connecting, protecting, and defending their digital identities. Telesign verifies over five billion unique phone numbers a month, representing half of the world’s mobile users, and provides critical insight into the remaining billions. The company’s powerful machine learning and extensive data science deliver identity with a unique combination of speed, accuracy, and global reach. Telesign solutions prevent fraud, secure communications, and enable the digital economy by allowing companies and customers to engage with confidence. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @Telesign. 

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