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Telesign Extends Reach Through More Than 1000 Mobile Operators

October 18, 2018

Telesign Team

Businesses Can Now Onboard and Protect Mobile Customers in China, Brazil and Other Emerging Markets with Telesign Mobile Identity Solutions

LOS ANGELES-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Telesign (, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, today announced enhanced coverage of mobile identity services in China, Brazil, and other emerging markets. International businesses can now leverage Telesign’s solutions to more securely onboard new customers, prevent account takeover and registration fraud, and optimize the user experience in new markets.

With some of the highest consumer spending and online engagement in the world, countries like China and Brazil represent immense growth opportunity for today’s digital businesses. China currently has more than 1.5 Billion mobile subscribers and its consumers are on track to spend $6.4 Trillion US by 20241, while Brazil features a diverse economy that has expanded for five straight quarters2 and a consumer base that is increasingly online, with a projected 135 Million internet users by 2022, or roughly 62 percent of the population3.

Global web and mobile applications face significant challenges with registration fraud, Account Take Over (ATO) through SIM Swap, Porting or Recycling of Phone Numbers, Digital KYC, and other Trust and Safety issues—hindering their growth in global markets. Today that changes, as Telesign’s expanded reach of mobile identity services enables businesses to target these key markets with greater security and trust.

“The largest brands in the world depend on us to bring them the solutions that help them strategically grow their businesses in global markets,” explains Ravish Patel, Director of Data Products at Telesign. “Entry into emerging markets comes with great opportunity and, of course, challenges. It’s our job to make sure these companies have the tools needed to succeed where the potential for reward is greatest. Since the acquisition of Telesign by BICS, our capabilities to support our customers in global markets have accelerated significantly. BICS, our parent company, is a trusted partner of more than 1000 Mobile Operators across 200 markets globally. We will be adding strategic markets from Western Europe, LATAM, Asia Pacific and Africa in early 2019 to further help our customers beyond Brazil and China.”

Telesign Mobile Identity APIs can be customized to provide real-time solutions that strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts and account takeovers, and perform risk-based authentication.To view complete Mobile Identity coverage—which also includes the US, Canada, Switzerland, and other regions throughout the world—visit To learn more, and to get started today, please visit:

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