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SMS number

What is an SMS number? 

An SMS number is a set of digits or characters that is used to address a text message (also known as SMS). SMS numbers are also known as virtual mobile numbers, long codes, or text-enabled landline numbers. In contrast to short codes, SMS numbers can be used for two-way communication, allowing businesses and individuals to send and receive text messages from customers and contacts. 

SMS number types

There are two main types of SMS numbers: shared and dedicated.  

  • A shared SMS number is a virtual number shared by multiple businesses or individuals. Shared SMS numbers are cost-effective, but can lead to delays in receiving messages due to high traffic volumes. 
  •  A dedicated SMS number is a virtual number used exclusively by a single business or individual. Dedicated SMS numbers are more expensive, but offer better message delivery and control. 

SMS traffic types

There are two main types of SMS traffic: Application-to-Person (A2P) and Person-to-Person (P2P).

  • A A2P traffic refers to SMS messages sent from an application or web platform to a person. A2P SMS traffic is commonly used for marketing, customer engagement, and authentication purposes.
  • A P2P traffic refers to SMS messages sent between individuals. P2P SMS traffic is commonly used for personal communication. 

Importance of SMS numbers

SMS numbers are important for businesses and individuals who want to engage with customers, prospects, and contacts via text message. SMS messages have a high open rate, and most people read text messages within minutes of receiving them. SMS messages are also less likely to be marked as spam compared to emails, making them an effective communication channel for businesses. SMS messaging is also cost-effective, efficient, and fast, making it an ideal channel for marketing campaigns, customer support, and other communication needs. 

How do I get an SMS code using Telesign?

To get an SMS code using Telesign, you first need to sign up for a free Telesign account. Once you have signed up, you can use Telesign’s SMS API to send SMS messages to your customers. Telesign’s SMS API supports both A2P and P2P SMS traffic and allows you to send SMS messages globally.