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SMS notification

What is an SMS notification and how is it received?

A Short Message Service (SMS) notification is a text message sent to a mobile phone number to alert the recipient of important information or updates. SMS notifications are a powerful communication tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, from two-factor authentication to SMS marketing campaigns. 

How do I get SMS notifications?

You receive SMS notifications when you opt in to receive them from a business or service. The process of opting in typically involves providing the business with your mobile phone number and granting permission to send SMS messages.  

How an SMS notification is sent:  

  1. Customer signs up to receive SMS notifications. 
  1. Business creates and schedules SMS notification. 
  1. SMS notification is sent to customer’s mobile device via mobile carrier. 
  1. Customer receives and reads SMS notification. 
  1. Customer takes action based on the notification and can reply to engage with the business. 

Telesign’s SMS API allows businesses to build a complete messaging solution that easily integrates into their current communication platform. Telesign’s global SMS API enables businesses to send and receive text messages to connect with their customers  in more than 200 countries and territories. 

What are the benefits of SMS notifications?

  1. Instant delivery: SMS notifications are delivered instantly, which makes them an ideal channel for time-sensitive updates and alerts. 
  1. High open rates: SMS messages have a high open rate, with most messages being read within minutes of being received. 
  1. Cost-effective: SMS notifications are typically less expensive than other forms of communication, such as phone calls or direct mail. 
  1. Easy to track: SMS notifications can be tracked and monitored, which allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their communication campaigns. 
  1. Opt-in model: SMS notifications require customers to opt-in to receive messages, which means that businesses are communicating with a highly engaged audience. 
  1. Increased customer engagement: SMS notifications can help increase customer engagement and loyalty by providing relevant and timely updates, promotions, and reminders. 
  1. Wide reach: SMS notifications can reach customers wherever they are, making them a highly effective communication channel for businesses with a geographically dispersed audience. 

SMS notifications offer businesses a convenient and effective way to communicate with customers in a timely and cost-effective manner, while also improving engagement and customer loyalty. To get started sending SMS notifications with visit and sign up for free.