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Onboard with accuracy, speed, and global reach 

The biggest players in finance streamline sign-ups and bolster security at scale with Telesign.

  • Reduce customer friction
  • Verify globally with confidence
  • Stop fraud in its tracks

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Minimal friction meets maximum security 

Millions of fake and fraudulent accounts are created every day, resulting in financial, reputational, and productivity losses. Protecting against new account fraud should not come at the expense of customer experiences or conversions.

Telesign simplifies the implementation of a secure onboarding experience by identifying high-risk users quickly while streamlining legitimate customer onboarding.

Reimagine your onboarding experience


Delight your customers with safe and smooth sign-ups

Sign-ups don't have to be complicated. Simplify the onboarding process with digital identity verification, making it easy for customers to join your service. Provide a secure sign-up experience with phone-based verification to reduce risk of customer abandonment.

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Verify users with extensive global reach

Your customers are global, and so are we. Telesign offers SMS and voice coverage in over 200 countries. With in-country compliance and local phone number validation, you can confidently verify users worldwide.


Stop fraud in its tracks

Preventing fraudulent account creation is critical for safeguarding your business and reputation. With machine learning and digital identity analytics, detect and prevent fraudulent activity during the onboarding process so bad actors never make it into your ecosystem.

How Telesign completes the Affirm tech stack


"At Affirm, we have the best algorithms for evaluating financial risk, and Telesign has the best digital identity data to recognize possible fraud."

Head of Financial Partnerships

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